Third Party Verification Services / Telephonic Signature and Its Benefits Using a Call Recorder

Third Party Verification Services / Telephonic Signature and Its Benefits Using a Call Recorder

Last Updated on October 21, 2016

Stock Trade Verification RecordingFor businesses in which compliance and verification are highly important, third party verification recording is an essential tool. Call verification recording (also referred to Telephonic Signature) ensures that you can stay compliant with industry regulations, that you have easily accessible records of important customer interactions, and that you are not susceptible to claims against you based on false or erroneous information. Versadial has created a thorough, easy-to-use verification recording service that can be used as either an internal verification and telephonic signature tool or for third-party verification purposes.

What Is Third Party Verification Recording For?

Versadial’s verification recording is a PC-based call recording solution that connects to your telephone lines. The system is configured to record specific parts of a conversation. Its purpose is to establish an official record of key interactions, such as a customer requesting a change in service, making a purchase, or verifying a trade.  Some businesses use verification recording in order to create an oral record of important events, such as police incidents reported from the field. Verification recording enables you to take something that is typically informal, a phone conversation, and create an official record for later reference. Verified recordings can serve the place of contracts (verbal contracts / telephonic signature) and are therefore essential for facing billing disputes or other customer complaints. For businesses that must conform to oral contract regulations, verification recording can serve an essential compliance role. By recording the conversation, consent, and other properly formatted procedures, a compliant telephonic signature can be achieved. Other businesses use verification recording for internal use in order to maintain dependable records and protect themselves from disputes. (Please consult a licensed lawyer on the rules and regulations of recording calls and the validity of a verbal contract/telephonic signature as it relates to your state and subject matter)

How Does Third Party Verification Recording Work?

Versadial offers two recording formats. The first functions similar to a mail box; employees can simply call a dedicated number, the recorder answers the line, the individual(s) on the line record an oral account, and hang up. The recorder will save that call along with an official verification number. This setup works well for organizations that need to maintain a permanent record of events but are not always able to complete written forms in the field.

The other setup, and the most popular one, is a conference call-style verification recorder. This format can be linked to your organization’s phone system. When an employee reaches a point in the conversation that needs to be recorded, they call into the verification system. The system will then record the conversation until the employee hangs up or presses a programmed key that turns the recorder off. Versadial offers tools that will enable you to configure a unique script into the recording system. So, for example, you might dial into the recorder in order to have a customer confirm their identity and authorize a purchase or agreement. When you end the recording, it will be saved with a unique verification number that can be referenced later.

Some businesses choose to transcribe these recordings in order to create written records. Others simply save the audio files in case they need to refer to them later. Either way, they create a dependable and official record of essential interactions.

How Do I Find My Verified Recorded Calls and Telephonic Signatures On My Recorder?

Versadial’s third party verification recording system uses auto-generated verification numbers to help keep your organization’s records straight and ensure that you can always find the recording you’re looking for. When you begin a recording, the system automatically generates a verification number that will be attached to the saved recording. If you keep other records of the call, such as a written form or CRM, we recommend including the verification number so that you know exactly where to find the recording if necessary. You can configure the system to play back the verification number at the end of the recorded conversation. That way the customer can also save the number for tracking purposes. In addition to the verification number, Versadial’s verification solution includes the option for a notes field. At the end of a call, you can choose to enter in additional information such as an order number, account number, or incident number. These options enable you to attach recordings to the relevant accounts or files, and they make it easy to find the recordings for reference later.

What Are The Advantages Of Third Party Verification Recording?

An automated verification recording system delivers a number of important benefits to your business. It’s an extremely efficient and dependable way to keep records. The system creates crystal-clear concise recordings that are easily integrated into your current customer service. This is much faster and more accurate than trying to write confirmation forms or mailing written contracts to customers. Your records will also be higher-quality, with easy-to-hear information. These records are also easy to store and simple to find. Having accessible records is an immense benefit when you need to deal with tricky customer disputes or bring up important information. Additionally, a recorder replaces the expense of an actual third party service conducting the same function. The recorder becomes the third party, and all calls are recorded and saved for your easy retrieval. In total, third party verification recording is the most cost-effective, easy, and accurate way to record the information you need to protect your organization.

Who Might Want Third Party Verification Recording?

Any business that needs to maintain confirmations of customer interactions can benefit from a verification recording solution. Insurance companies, brokers, traders, telemarketers, lawyers, and utility companies are some of the organizations that use verification recording more frequently. Verification recording is also highly useful for companies that need to establish official contracts but, for any reason, cannot easily meet with clients to compose written contracts. These might include schools, real estate companies, condo associations, local government officials, and more. Verification recording and telephonic signature provides official information that you can fall back on if necessary.

We have also found that some organizations use verification recording to create official reports as events are unfolding. Police officers, fire fighters, and reporters, all might benefit from verification recording. You can use the recording system to create reports from the field, all saved alongside an official ID. However you need to use it, you can trust that Versadial’s verification recording service will create accurate, dependable records to help your organization.

To learn more about Versadial’s third party verification solution and service, contact a sales account manager today. 

Last Updated on October 21, 2016