Is there such a thing as business software with a return on investment on day one?

Is there such a thing as business software with a return on investment on day one?

Many of you are probably thinking such a scenario is impossible. I’m not talking about a piece of software with a $50 price tag, we know that’s an easy ROI to achieve, but we are talking about a thousand plus price tag! So what is this magical software that achieves this unprecedented ROI?

PC Screen Capture

Yup, it’s been around for a while, and yet not a lot is really discussed about the ROI that can be achieved with it. It may be considered taboo, as many employees’ hate big brother and many managers hate “being” big brother. I get it, I’m not a fan either, but hear me out. We are not a global enterprise here; we are a medium sized business, just like you. We rely on each other to get tasks done, and if one person is blocking progress, we all suffer.

So you ask yourself, “What’s keeping that guy from finishing? He keeps saying he is overwhelmed with other tasks. What is taking up most of his time?”

Is he spending 15 minutes of every hour playing around online and ignoring his tasks that are piling up? I know, horrible thing to think of, but it sometimes crosses your mind. Here is the kicker; he might actually be playing around! I know, taboo, why would I say such a thing? Shouldn’t we all get an opportunity to take a break? I take breaks, I’m sure you have too, it’s hard grinding away all day, and every employer also knows this. But, there are those who seem to take advantage of this. Out of an 8 hour day, 3-5 hours on Facebook does not help anyone.

Believe it or not, we received feedback from a couple of customers who found this type of abuse happening. After installing our PC screen capture on the very first day, they discovered a few employees that had excessive Facebook usage. Another customer discovered an employee with excessive YouTube usage. I know it’s easy to watch cat videos all day, but when it affects your production and slows down your fellow employees, this type of abuse drains the company of time and resources.

When employees spend half their time on personal tasks, playing video games, chatting with friends on social media, or watching videos about the top 10 celebrity mishaps, the lost money across the board easily covers the cost of implementing such a system.

It’s worth noting, I’m not saying fire everyone that even logs into Facebook, far from it. The customers that let us know the excessive usage on the social media platform was in upwards of plus 5 hours out of an 8-hour workday. The customer was able to rectify the situation quickly by addressing the employee’s habits to curb any more abuse and ensure that they are doing what they are paid to do. IT was also able to limit access to such sites, to help reduce abuse, and general meetings were conducted to educate other employees on proper use of time and allowing access during breaks or designated times. Production improved and the customers recovered their investment quickly.

If you are a small or medium business, it might be worth looking into getting a PC screen capture, and while you are at it, recording calls.  Both are a great way to boost training and lower your employee churn rate.