Speech Analytics – Not for Big Call Centers Anymore

Speech Analytics – Not for Big Call Centers Anymore
Last Updated on February 1, 2019

Over the past few decades, we have seen new technology steadily emerging. Typically, the costs for early adopters of any technology are fairly high. As production and development improves over time, the once expensive product slowly becomes more affordable. We have seen it with television sets, personal computers, and our beloved mobile phones.

When speech analytics software first emerged, it required a massive amount of hardware as well as several engineers and programmers to adjust the software. Large calls centers quickly jumped on this technology to efficiently analyze interactions between agents and customers, but small to medium centers couldn’t look past the costs involved. Over time, due to improvements in technology such as cloud utilization and improved computing power, speech analytics have become attainable for more and more companies.

Yactraq is one of the leading developers of accessible speech analytics software, and Versadial is proud to partner with them. Below is an excerpt of a recent success they had working with a small travel and hospitality customer. The article provides insight into how a small company can utilize call recording and speech analytics to help clarify their sales script, improve output from their agents, and streamline the sales process for their customers. Enjoy!

The following excerpt has been edited. For the complete and unedited article, please visit yactraq.com

Providing Accurate & Affordable Speech Solutions in the Travel & Hospitality Sector

One of Yactraq’s first customers is a company operating in the Travel & Hospitality sector across Canada; they had a distinct problem of obtaining speech solutions for a 15-seat call center that were both affordable and effective for the use cases they needed to ensure best-in-class service to their clientele. In order to meet these needs, Yactraq deployed Omnitraq. Omnitraq was launched in the Company’s call operations environment to facilitate monitoring sales agent script adherence to ensure excellence in customer service and to increase sales effectiveness.

  • Quality Managers saw productivity gains of 400% using Omnitraq’s diagnostic reporting features, being able to hyper-target which customer calls to audit and how to proactively handle areas identified for improvement
  • Providing a very successful Sales Script Adherence tool customized to the Company’s unique business, allowing the Company to accurately monitor agent script adherence and quickly act to retrain on the basics where needed
  • Providing accurate Sales Analytics, clearly identifying which phrases and speech patterns lead to successful calls, and which didn’t (providing a path-forward for retraining on low performing team members)
  • The Company was able to optimize its Sales Script by definitively learning which aspects worked well, and which caused friction or awkwardness with the customer, thereby creating a better overall customer experience
  • Our comprehensive system, which can index 100% of customer calls, provided a wealth of data to both identify in which areas the sales agents needed to be retrained, and which agents best exemplified how to construct a best-in-class call –leading to Omnitraq being used as an indispensable training tool

The Company’s Challenge –Obtaining Affordable Speech Technology for a 15-seat Call Operation

Providing excellent customer service is an integral part of the Company’s values and business strategy, and there are core phrases around which the Company’s vision is built upon. Our customer needed a way to ensure that these important phrases were being used consistently by their call center staff, thus they needed a way to identify calls where these phrases weren’t being used, or were less used than would be expected by call type. This script adherence information would be very valuable for monitoring sales service levels, providing additional training where needed, and elevating the customer sales experience.

The Company found there was a distinct lack of affordable speech technology options in the marketplace, particularly ones that made sense for a 15-seat call center. The only real speech technology options were based on inflexible legacy technology that carried hefty, enterprise level price tags. The Company needed a new solution, one based on modern and more efficient technology – and one that had a price point that made sense for their business and could be customized to their specific needs.

Yactraq’s Solution –Omnitraq

Yactraq’s answer to our customer’s challenge was Omnitraq, our omnichannel business intelligence solution. In this use case for the Company, we built a custom vocabulary based on their specific core phrases so that we could very accurately track these phrases with a high level of confidence across all the Company’s sales related phone calls. Additionally, our sales script adherence solution measures positive script adherence, identifying phrases the sales agents are trained to use that have positive associations, such as the words “happy” and “pleasure” in the phrases “we are happy to” and “my pleasure”.

As Omnitraq indexes every minute of every call, the Company can now monitor sales agent script adherence with incredible detail and effectiveness, something that could never be achieved using the traditional means of manually auditing random calls (which typically reaches less than 2% of recorded calls). Not only could Omnitraq provide the Company with the technical solution they needed, it could provide that solution at an extremely competitive cost that was sensible for both the Company’s business and budget.

Delivering Success –Omnitraq’s Results

Our deployment of Omnitraq as a sales script adherence solution was a stellar success, having more than met the Company’s requirements, and ultimately led to a more comprehensive rollout that included additional services. In the initial acceptance testing, through monitoring over 20 multi-word phrases across more than 200 calls, Omnitraq achieved an average key phrase identification accuracy of 92% -with some phrases achieving greater than 99% accuracy. This has helped deliver business insights with near 100% certainty through the cumulative effect of Omnitraq’s accurate speech data.

Omnitraq’s reporting features provided clear insight that one of the custom phrases for which we were monitoring wasn’t being used often, leading to a deeper investigation which discovered that specific phrase didn’t fit effectively into the sales speech pattern. The Company quickly removed this phrase from the sales script, which led to a more effective and natural flow to the sales call, and a clearer sales experience for the customer.

About Yactraq

To learn more about Yactraq and their speech analytics service, please visit www.yactraq.com

Last Updated on February 1, 2019