Saving Lives - Recording Calls in the Healthcare Industry

Saving Lives - Recording Calls in the Healthcare Industry

Last Updated on January 31, 2019

It’s scary.

What’s scary you ask?

How about what could happen when a patient improperly follows a doctor’s medical advice? Or when a pharmacist fills a prescription incorrectly? Or when inaccurate patient information is passed from one hospital department to another?


When these things happen people get hurt. When these things happen lives can be lost, families torn apart, and friendships turned to memories. It’s a fact of life in the healthcare industry. Mistakes are made and patients pay the ultimate price.

Something can be done, though. There is a way to save lives and protect those who have dedicated their careers to serving patient needs.

By recording calls where healthcare information is exchanged, doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers can protect themselves from legal liability, comply with HIPAA regulations, and provide valuable training to employees that can save lives.

We no longer live in a society where health care information is passed solely face to face. Patients call their doctors with problems before coming in to visit, healthcare advice services staffed by doctors and nurses, and hospitals quickly pass information between departments by telephone. When the information is given wrong or received incorrectly, bad things happen.

A comprehensive system that records incoming and outgoing calls, complete with easy access to stored recordings, HIPAA compliant security, and the ability to grade calls for employee performance management is the key to keeping bad things from happening. Even if lives aren’t lost when things go awry, costly repercussions can result. For example, Consider how many malpractice and licensing complaints arise from incorrect information exchanged over the phone.

Malpractice suits are career changers for doctors and hospitals. They drive up our healthcare costs and create animosity between the patients and those sworn to treat them to the best of their ability. Why not take steps to limit exposure to malpractice actions and licensing board inquiries?

Protecting the doctors and nurses fielding patient calls is good business. Protecting health care practices and hospitals from false claims is good business. Making sure all staff who receive incoming calls from patients, doctor’s offices and other healthcare entities are providing the best service possible is good business. Monitoring and recording incoming and outgoing calls is the best investment any healthcare provider can make.

Versadial’s call recording and monitoring solutions are ideal for medical practices and hospitals of any size. Our call logger can handle incoming and outgoing calls flawlessly and it works with a variety of call types, including VoIP, analog and digital. Our software is easy to install, easy to use and full of features that make retrieving and reviewing calls simple. Best of all, our systems are designed to grow as you grow, for a price that’s affordable. For a demo, contact us today.

Last Updated on January 31, 2019