Recording Phone Calls Kept Tow Company From Being Sued

Recording Phone Calls Kept Tow Company From Being Sued

tow truck personal liabilityRecently one of our clients let us know how call recording helped protect him from being sued. It all started on a Saturday morning, police called and notified the tow company to come pick up what appeared to be a non operational semi truck.

The tow company picked up the semi truck as instructed and towed it to their yard. For the next few months the tow company stored the truck on their property and during that time called the police department asking if anyone had claimed the truck (no one did). All of the tow companies phone calls to the police station were automatically being recorded by Versadials Call Recording System.

Then, one morning, the tow company received a phone call from the semi truck owners lawyer. The lawyer threatened to sue the tow truck company for holding his clients property against his will. The lawyer said he will be sending a letter about the lawsuit and they will be taken to court. The lawyer then asked the tow truck company how they would response.

The tow truck company told the lawyer they would respond by email. They went into their call recording system and pulled up all of the recordings to the police station requesting if anyone had claimed the truck. Using the Call Recording Software the tow truck company was able to extract the phone calls and email them directly to the lawyer.

The very next day, a truck came by and picked up the semi truck (cargo and all). No lawyer was present and no letter threatening a lawsuit was ever received. With the help of Versadials Call Recording System and Software, the tow truck company avoided a costly lawsuit and helped reduce their liability.