Recording Your Calls for Sales Training and Self-Improvement

We have touched on this before…using call recording as a sales training tool. Recently an author over at OC Metro posted a short article about sales training and improving your own personal salesmanship. Here is a short blurb from his blog:

1) Record yourself. With today’s technology you can record your side of the conversation with your smart phone or an inexpensive recorder. Some companies have equipment set up to record both sides of the conversation.

2) Listen to yourself. After completing a call block (3 to 5 calls) listen to the recording and write down the things you felt you did well on the call. This will reinforce what is working for you. (Example: I was clear and concise.)

3) Challenge yourself. Write down two things you can do better on the next block of calls. This will give you an action plan to improve your sales skills. (Example: I will provide a case when another organization has benefited from using our product or services.)



Having a call recorder and listening to yourself on successful and failed calls allows you to self-analyze your techniques and start to build confidence. Understanding what works for you will help you increase your overall success rates. With professional call recording software you can instantly listen to your call, update notes on the call, grade yourself and have it stored for later listening.

Managers can also monitor their call center staff and really hone in on successful transactions and techniques. Consumers are constantly adapting and changing, thus, sales and approaches need to change as well. Call recorders provide instant feedback on your team’s sales approach and skills.