Quick Guides Added to Versadial's Support Documents.

Quick Guides Added to Versadial's Support Documents.
Last Updated on April 8, 2024

We have added a few more quick guides to our documentation. These guides provide best practice steps to help you optimize your experience with our call recorder.

Backup Recording Server – Guide

This guide provides the basic steps to achieve a total backup of your call recording server. Backing up critical Adutante and VSLogger server settings and files, as well as all of your recordings. 

If anything ever happens to your main recorder, you have peace of mind that you can quickly get back and running with very little downtime.

Recorder Restore, or Migration to A New Server – Guide

Has your main recorder HD failed or was it somehow destroyed? As long as it was backed up regularly (see guide above), you can get the recorder up and running with these restore procedures.

Moving the recorder to a different server? This guide will also explain how to migrate your data and recorder settings to a new server.

Upgrading Your Recorder – Guide

Did you know most people can upgrade our software on their own? This quick guide walks you through upgrading our software and making sure you do not lose any data.

Additional Versadial Call Recording Guides

If you have not explored our other guides, take a look. Additional guides include:

  • User Interface Guide: Reduce your training time and use this guide to introduce the VSLogger interface to new managers and users. 
  • Recorder System and Recorder Kit Guides: These guides walk you through your first installation and setup of the recorder.

Last Updated on April 8, 2024