One Change that Could Explode Your Company Growth

One Change that Could Explode Your Company Growth

Last Updated on August 28, 2020

Focus on one thingIn Jack Trout’s book, “The 22 Immutable Laws  of Marketing” and in Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great,” and in “The One Thing,” by Gary Keller, the authors cite ONE habit which can make a mind-boggling difference in the success of your business.

This habit is so simple and so counter-intuitive, that most companies never even think of it. Those who do, often neglect to implement it. It’s so deceptively simple that, on hearing it, many of us assume that it’s TOO simple to make a difference.

It’s been called “The Law of Singularity,” “The Rule of One,” “The Hedgehog Principle,” “The Trim Tab Habit,” but one thing is for sure…

Companies which apply this habit often leave average companies in the dust and go on to create the outstanding success stories that you read about.

What is “The One Thing?”

Gary Keller describes “The One Thing” as the answer to this question…

“What’s the ONE THING that, if accomplished, can make EVERYTHING else either easier or unnecessary?”

When Tony Hsieh took Zappos from zero profitability to a billion-dollar business, he did it by making outstanding customer service his one thing. Everything else became subservient to that one habit.

Call handling times, up-selling and all the other metrics most customer service managers worry and fret over become small dots on the map in comparison to the bigger priority of creating amazing customer service experiences.

Walgreens exploded when they started focusing on the convenience of location. You might remember this. They tore down their old locations and built new ones. Sometimes, the new location was only a few blocks away. This looked like madness to the common person.

But Walgreens was doing this to put their stores in the locations which were most visible and accessible. That’s why you still see them everywhere and their competitors of the day are nowhere to be found.

Why don’t more companies experience this kind of success?

The “All Thing to All People” Disease

Most small businesses try to expand before they grow. They add new product lines, new services, new spinoff brands and new department ad nausea. Meanwhile, the most successful companies grow through specialization and focus BEFORE they start trying to be all things to all people.

“Good to Great,” is full of examples like this, and although it was written some time ago, the companies which are thriving today are even MORE “One Thing” focused.

Amazon started out JUST selling books. started out JUST offering CRM solutions.

Google started out as JUST a search engine.

It was only after they got traction that these companies started branching out. In other words, they used the “One Thing” habit to grow upward BEFORE they started expanding sideways. Are you ready to make YOUR company the next success story?

If so, start by answering the most important question…

“What’s YOUR ‘One Thing?’”

Last Updated on August 28, 2020