On-Demand Speech Analytics – Reduce the Cost of Entry to Speech Analytics Technology

On-Demand Speech Analytics – Reduce the Cost of Entry to Speech Analytics Technology
Last Updated on January 20, 2021

Speech analytics technology is quickly becoming common in many call centers. Managers love it because it allows calls to be quickly converted into text, allowing for an easy and efficient way to analyze calls for trends, keywords, and general meta-data.

Although useful, speech analytics providers charge a fee to transcribe the calls, usually based on either call volume or processing hours. The costs required to transcribe recordings can quickly add up, and due to this, many small to medium-sized businesses shy away from this new technology.

At Versadial, we implemented two key features to allow for a reduced cost of entry to using speech analytics.

Transcribe Specific Calls and Reduce Fees

An assumption that comes along with deployed speech analytics is that all calls need to be transcribed and processed. However, many calls are not very relevant. Checking voicemail, or calling and leaving a voicemail to a future customer or individual tend to not be very fruitful. These short calls, typically under 3 minutes, can eat up your speech analytic processing allocation and increase costs. In order to control and limit the volume of calls being transcribed, Versadial has implemented a feature to assist in bringing down the processing charges by utilizing filters.

Within the speech analytics settings of VSLogger, an admin can use built-in filters to define what recording length of a call qualifies to be transcribed as well as which channels to upload. This unique control over what call(s) are processed will limit the overall costs and fees associated with speech analytics.  

With continued adjustments and monitoring of the calls being transcribed, the overall cost will continue to reduce. Instead of non-essential calls being transcribed and being charged, calls within the Versadial recorder can be pin-pointed and adjusted to transcribe only pertinent calls.

On-Demand Processing – Even Greater Control

The on-demand feature allows additional control of spending and fees by enabling users to manually select calls to be processed. With just a click within the Versadial call recording user interface, the call is sent to the 3rd party speech analytics provider, and the call data will be transcribed and displayed back into the Versadial recorder’s user interface, typically within an hour.

With this tool, even small companies can take advantage of speech analytics without a hefty bill.

Any Business Can Try Speech Analytics

We have partnered with Yactraq to provide unbelievable savings to small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, we have integrated with Google’s speech engine and are in the process of adding more third party speech analytics providers. Many of these 3rd party providers have a free 30 day trial period to let you test and see if speech analytics is right for you.

Last Updated on January 20, 2021