Maximize Your Protection and Profits - Record Your Law Firm’s Calls

Maximize Your Protection and Profits - Record Your Law Firm’s Calls

Last Updated on January 31, 2019


The legal profession has traditionally been an in-person type of business, or maybe that’s the way it’s been portrayed on TV. In reality, attorneys and legal staffers talk to clients on the phone frequently. These conversations are important for a variety of reasons, which we’ll cover below. First, let’s talk about the different types of phone conversations clients and counsel have regularly.

Advice – Attorneys counsel their clients over the phone at times. Attorneys want to be accurate in their counsel so their clients know exactly what action to take once the conversation has ended. They also need to protect themselves against legal malpractice claims that could result from misunderstandings or miscommunications.

Depositions – In certain circumstances, it’s most practical to depose a party over the phone instead of in person. It’s important the process runs smoothly, the questions are completely understood and the answers are clear and documented.

Investigation – Law firms use investigators to help gather evidence to help prepare for depositions and court proceedings. Investigators sometimes interview parties over the phone when reaching them in person isn’t practical. Preserving a record of their conversations is important as they may be used later in depositions and other court proceedings

Billing – Any time an attorney counsels a client by phone, he can bill for his time. Investigators may bill for their time when they talk to the client about the case as well. Having good phone records enables attorneys to bill for the maximum amount and settle billing disputes easily.

The common theme is the benefits law firms receive from recording incoming and outgoing calls. With a call logging system in place, phone depositions go smoothly and the digitally recorded call file created can be provided to both parties. With call recording technology, investigators can review their conversations again and again without having to rely on memory.

Law firms can protect themselves against legal malpractice claims when client calls are recorded. Any disputes over what was said are easily resolved when the recordings are reviewed. With a call logger that accurately records each call, complete with start and finish times to the split second, billing gets much easier. This is especially true when the software allows you to track calls from each client.

Versadial’s call logging platform can handle the needs of your busy law firm with ease. Recording incoming and outgoing calls from analog, digital and VoIP phone lines is made simple. Versadial’s call recording software installs without delay on your computers, allowing whomever you choose to retrieve call files, review calls and create reports.

Protecting your law firm and maximizing its billable hours just got simpler. Call Versadial today for a demo.

Last Updated on January 31, 2019