Imperative Business Tools: Cardinal Points and Recording Software

Imperative Business Tools: Cardinal Points and Recording Software

Last Updated on April 8, 2024


North, South, East and West: the four cardinal points that can either help you reach your destination, or help you get lost along the way. Saying one direction when you actually mean another can make a huge difference in not only where you end up, but also how long it takes you (or someone else) to get there.

The four cardinal points can also be imperative to the operation of certain businesses. Tow truck companies rely heavily on the four cardinal points and the correct usage of them to reach their clients in a timely manner.

Tow truck companies often receive calls from police dispatch to go out and help someone stranded on the side of the road. In one instance, a tow truck company received a call that a woman was stranded 5 miles east of their location.

The tow truck company sent out a truck to pick up the woman, but when the tow truck driver arrived, no one was there. The driver searched beyond the 5 miles and still came up empty. The driver called police dispatch for confirmation of the location and once again was told 5 miles east. He searched a little while longer, but still with no luck, closed the call and headed to the next.

An hour later, another driver came across a woman on the side of the road. She was cold, shivering and quite unhappy. Her husband was the local District judge, who was furious that his wife was left stranded by the tow truck company. He even threatened the company with legal action.

Luckily, the tow truck company made the decision years ago to record all phone calls, so the original dispatch and the confirmation of location were all recorded. When the tow truck company played back the recordings to the judge, it showed they were told to search 5 miles east. His wife, however, was picked up 5 miles west of their location. The recording exonerated the tow truck company from fault.

While the four cardinal points are imperative to the tow truck company, perhaps even more crucial is the recording of their phone calls. In this case, it allowed the tow truck company to prove they are not at fault if one cardinal point is mistakenly given instead of another.

Phone recordings can protect not only tow truck companies, but all types of companies from similar situations. A client misspeaking is inevitable, as well as a client who is adamant they did no such thing. The only way to protect your company and prove, without a doubt that your company is not at fault, is to have a call recording solution in place.

Prior to this instance, the tow truck company never used the call recording software as a critical tool in the operation of their business. It was always running in the background, but this instance reminded them, quickly and suddenly, just how vital a phone recording solution is to their customer satisfaction, protection against human error, and overall superior management of their business.

Last Updated on April 8, 2024