How to record Medicare Insurance calls.

How to record Medicare Insurance calls.
Last Updated on April 8, 2024

Independent Medicare agents, agencies and Third-Party Marketing Organizations (TPMOs) understand the importance of call recording for compliance, however; there are additional benefits to recording all Medicare Insurance calls. These additional benefits include, but are not limited to, a reduction in business liability, providing sales training and coaching opportunities, peace of mind knowing call recordings can be retrieved 10+ years or older, easy scalability for the Annual Election Period (AEP), improved employee productivity by allowing staff to work remotely while recording their calls, and more.

This article discusses the benefits of call recording for Medicare Insurance agencies and how to unlock the potential for new clients in Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Part D, vision and Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) from recorded calls.

Why get call recording for your Medicare Insurance agency?

Call recording provides agencies, TPMOs and independent agents with multiple benefits. Specifically, call recording software is a valuable tool that reduces business liability, may be used for training and coaching, is scalable and provides several other features and benefits. An integrated call recorder can record every single call from a Medicare Part C, Medicare Supplement, Prescription Drug, Vision, dental or PDP enrollment. Agents and managers can easily retrieve each call and review them in detail.

Medicare beneficiary signing up for a new plan
Medicare beneficiary signing up for a new plan.

What are the top five benefits of Call Recording for Medicare Insurance sales?

Independent Medicare agents, TPMOs and agencies all benefit from the installation of a powerful call recording software within their organization. The benefits are all derived from the features that are built within the system. There are multiple features within the software. The top five benefits that provide the most benefits are:

  1. Reduces Business Liability – A powerful benefit of retrieving calls is that it reduces liability. A proper call recording system will create an electronic record of the conversation. If a particular disclaimer needs to be read within the first minute of a call, it can be proven that it was handled properly. The call recording can be retrieved from the system to ensure the proper information was conveyed. A checksum is built-in to all recorded call thus reducing the risk of fraudulent calls and provides instant credibility. Delivering the call recording typically eliminates most issues.
  2. Sales Training and Coaching – The entire call is recorded for call monitoring. This is an important feature when the call recording system has when is setup properly. This means everything from the beginning of the call until the end of the call is recorded. This provides the sales department with an opportunity for sales training and coaching to improve agent performance. Sales managers have the opportunity to listen from the beginning of the chain of enrollment to the end of the enrollment process. The sales manager can identify the moment the sale was lost if the potential beneficiary does not enroll into a plan via call monitoring. Training may be provided to the agent to help them improve their performance and avoid the same mistake.
  3. Recorded calls are stored in the call recorder 10+ years if needed – Please note, not all call recording platforms provide long term recorded call storage. Cloud based call recording solutions may utilize datacenters that are located externally from the business. It is best for companies that choose cloud-based call recording to research the service provider and ensure they are following proper compliance procedures and understand the duration for storing calls in the service agreement. An on-premise recording system stores all calls locally. Space is limited to the resources the business provides and calls may be stored 10+ years and retrieved at any time.
  4. Quickly scale and add additional lines as needed – Agencies and TPMOs typically increase their staff during AEP from October 15th to December 7th to meet seasonal demand. A powerful call recording software platform will enable any business to easily expand or add additional phone lines to be recorded as needed. Read more about how to Expand/Add a phone line to your recorder.
  5. Record remote employee calls and screen activity – Businesses can now have all of the benefits of a call recording platform and allow their employees to work from home or enjoy a hybrid schedule. Versadial provides an on-premise call recording solution to record remote calls. This enables recorded calls to be stored within the business and allows staff to work remotely. There are three solutions to record remotely.
  • Solution 1: Setup a separate call recorder for each location.
  • Solution 2: Setup a central call recorder and send a copy of the calls to the central call recorder.
  • Solution 3: Route all call traffic from the remote phones through a centralized call recorder. The recorder collects it with mirror ports.

Learn more about How to record call from remote site or remote workers. If needed, Versadial also offers a desktop screen recording solution called Screen Capture. This allows businesses to record an employee’s computer screen and runs hidden in the background of the computer. The program may be setup to begin recording via triggers such as a phone call, chat session or data entry.

These are the Medicare Insurance related benefits to call recording. There are several additional benefits to recording calls. Read our 9 Call Recording Benefits and How Versadial can help to discover more.

Recording Medicare Insurance calls and the future.

It is more important to record all Medicare Insurance sales related calls now than ever. Independent agents, agencies and TPMOs understand how important call recording is for compliance reasons, however; they may not know the multiple benefits call recording will bring to their operation. The most powerful benefits are the reduction in business liability, the opportunity for training, long term call recording storage, scalability, remote employee call monitoring and more.

If your business is in the Medicare Insurance industry and you are interested in Call Recording software, contact us. We will review your requirements and find the solution that meets the needs of your business.

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Last Updated on April 8, 2024