Highway Patrol Captures Voice Logging Savings with Versadial

Last Updated on December 21, 2020

A Southern-State Highway Patrol was faced with a problem all too common today. The cost of a maintenance contract on an outdated voice logger was not justified by the marginal quality of support the manufacture provided. The Patrol began looking for ways to improve their situation. After further investigation they learned that they could replace their old system with a new, more flexible Versadial voice logger for just about the cost of a couple years of maintenance on their old system.

Versadial offers voice logging solutions as completely configured systems, or in kit form with features identical to their factory configured systems. For organizations with the technical resources to configure the voice logger themselves, Versadial voice logger kits can provide considerable savings. To meet the Highway Patrol’s voice logging requirements, they purchased a 32-channel Versadial VSLogger to replace their existing unreliable logger.

They configured their new Versadial system to record radio calls on 16 channels and telephone calls on the other 16 channels. After completing the installation, they said they were very impressed with the ease of how the system could be configured and set up. However, one of the greatest advantages Versadial offered, they said, was that they could set up as many network based playback and monitoring stations as they wanted because Versadial offers unlimited playback licenses with each system. Now the Highway Patrol has as many as 16 seats set up for playback and monitoring.

After the logger was up and running, the Patrol found an additional benefit with their Versadial system that they didn’t count on. When the Highway Patrol had technical difficulties at their remote radio tower sites, technicians had to physically travel to the site to run their tests. Now their radio technicians are able conduct remote diagnosis on radio towers using the Versadial voice logger. This eliminates the need to drive hundreds of miles and it saves countless hours to do the same work they had to do without Versadial remote monitoring.

The Versadial system is working out so well and is so economical to expand, that they are now in the process of adding 16 digital channels to their system. As a security measure for their administrative offices, they will be connecting their Avaya digital telephone extensions to the soon to be expanded Versadial voice logger.

This story is typical of Versadial customers saving money by configuring their own voice loggers with the same powerful features of Versadial manufactured systems. Versadial offers voice loggers that range in size from four to 256 ports in a single system.

“I would highly recommend the product to anyone, especially law enforcement agencies. I have found it has more features that we are using in public safety than any other product I have reviewed.”

Delaine S., Mississippi Highway Patrol

Last Updated on December 21, 2020