Employee Reviews - Digitized Evaluation Forms

Employee Reviews - Digitized Evaluation Forms
Last Updated on February 22, 2019

Conducting employee reviews using a pen and paper is time-consuming and inefficient. Once the forms are filled out and a meeting is held, they are filed away and rarely seen again.

Versadial Call Recording Software makes the review process easier by giving you the ability to create custom digital evaluations. Originally developed to work in tandem with our recording software in order to review and evaluate phone calls, we have expanded our system to allow you to create your own generic evaluation forms for monthly, bi-annual, or yearly reviews. Share your feedback with additional managers on the platform to ensure they are staying up-to-date.

When you are ready, reviews are digitally sent to the evaluated employee. Training material can be linked directly from appropriate sections to allow for continual improvement. Employees are able to digitally sign off on their reviews, and you can easily pull up past performance evaluations to measure improvement.

How to Make a Generic Evaluation Form:

The steps to making a generic evaluation form are almost the same as our standard call recording form. A video that outlines the steps to creating an evaluation form can be found here: Quality Control Form Creation

There is one difference when creating a generic evaluation form compared to a call recording evaluation: during the creation (or, by editing the properties of the form), you select NO under PLAYLIST REQUIRED.

Your form can have unlimited sections and questions. You can also weigh each section differently and have a variety of question types.

How Access The Generic Form Screen:

To access the Generic Form Section:
Log into your Quality Control module (Adutante).
Under the EVALUATION tab, you will see a blue button labeled NEW GENERIC EVALUATIONS.
Selecting this button will take you to your Generic Form section.

All of the generic forms that you have created will be listed. Additionally, all employees and groups (if created) will be listed.


Selecting an Employee to Evaluate:

To evaluate a specific employee, simply highlight their name on the left.
Then, on the right-hand side, you should see a list of all ENABLED generic forms. These are all forms that you created under the MANAGE FORMS tab.

Select CREATE EVALUATION to launch the form and attach it to the specific employee.

Once the form is completed, you can store the form results within the QC module. Just like with evaluated audio calls, you can run reports on your generic forms and see detailed progress reports.


In Conclusion

Stop wasting your time with pen and paper evaluations, and start using Versadial’s Quality Control Module to capture, store, and monitor all your employee evaluations.

Need help getting your Quality Control Module up and running? Contact our support team for assistance. Please note: only individuals with active maintenance plans have access to the support team.

QC Form Video

We have a video showing our call recording QC form below. The general evaluation is similar, in regards to the ability to score each question, forward evaluations, etc.

Last Updated on February 22, 2019