Employee Productivity: Capture it

Employee Productivity: Capture it

Last Updated on January 20, 2021

pc-screen-captureThere’s Facebook and Twitter. You also have Google+ and LinkedIn. These are the four most well-used and well-known social networking websites.

They’re great for keeping in touch with friends and family, and even better for your ‘friends-on-this-social-networking-site-but-really-I-just-want-to-know-about-your-life-so-I-can-feel-better-about-mine’ type of friends (you know you have them).

More than the personal aspect of these sites, they’re also great on the professional side. Your company can create a site on each of the four main social networking sites and market directly to your current and future clients. Chances are most of your clients will have an account with at least one of these sites. With these sites, not only can you update the public and clients about your company, improvements, and changes, but you can also learn about the wants and needs of your future clients to keep pace in an ever-changing world.

But at what point do these sites stop being an asset to your company and start being a major distraction? While a large proportion of your clients will have accounts with these social media sites, so will your employees.

This means that if your company has internet access, your employees have access to these sites.

Granted, there are ways around basic access; you can block the site or go through their browser history. But almost every week, a new social networking site of some sort hits the scene and your employees will likely know about it long before you do. There is virtually no way to keep up with the new sites to make sure each and every site is blocked. Also, as easy as it is to view browser history, it may be even easier to clear it.

Realistically, you can’t block internet access, but you can be informed on what each employee is doing on their computer.

The solution is simple: Screen Capture. More specifically, a program that runs hidden in the background of your employee’s computer and at select intervals, (automatically or chosen by you) takes a picture of the screen and saves it. Then you can go back through the saved images, to see what was shown on your employees screen.

More than simple images of the screen, Adutante Screen Capture can also record an employee’s computer screen. Much like a video recording, the recording shows you just how much time is spent on a particular site. In addition, Adutante can be configured so that if a particular website is visited or a certain application is opened, the program is triggered and begins recording immediately.

These social networking sites and the endless amount of time you can spend on them, greatly decrease employee productivity levels. When your employee productivity level falls, you’re spending the same amount of money on your team, but getting much less production, and results, to show for it. Your business efficiency levels will rapidly decrease as well, negatively affecting your business as a whole.

The most significant aspect of implementing the screen capture program is to be informed. If an employee is spending an obscene amount of time on these sites, Adutante can keep you informed. Adutante can provide tangible evidence of your employees true work habits, workmanship and overall work performance. The more you know about your employee’s real productivity levels, the more you know about your business efficiency levels and business results as a whole.

So at which point does social networking cross the line from being a promotional asset and affect employee productivity? Adutante can help answer that question.

Last Updated on January 20, 2021