More effective call monitoring...without the cords

More effective call monitoring...without the cords

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Published in the Jan 15, 2006 issue of Call Center Times 

If you work with a call center in any way you quickly realize the tremendous influence every call has on how your customers perceive your organization. And with recent studies showing consumers currently giving call centers a D+ grade on customer experience it is just as apparent how critical it is to improve call quality.

One powerful and commonly used way of improving call quality and customer experience is through call monitoring, also known as call logging, phone recording, talk monitoring or agent monitoring. The idea is the same; record both sides of all phone calls and then have supervisors review the recordings to train reps and improve call quality.

Now there is a new way to make call monitoring more effective by cutting the cords that keep call center supervisors tied to their desks instead of out coaching their reps. This new method involves using a Personal Digital Assistant, or PDA to monitor and grade calls wirelessly. Chances are many call center supervisors already have a PDA. Now they can put that PDA to work helping them monitor and grade more calls while more effectively influencing their call reps.

The key to making this all happen is a small piece of software called VS Monitor for PDA. Essentially it is remote call monitoring software made to run on the Windows mobile OS used in many PDAs. This software can communicate via WiFi through your network to the actual Call logging software, giving supervisors access to live calls as well as previous recordings. VS Monitor for PDA allows call center supervisors to easily search through recordings, make notes, run custom grading and do reports all while walking around with their PDA.

So what’s the big deal about monitoring and grading calls on a PDA? There are several unique benefits: First, this untethers your supervisors from their computers allowing them to be more productive. They can monitor and grade calls anywhere. This can improve the quantity of calls they can go through. Second, by being able to monitor calls while walking the call floor they can be seen and easily accessed. This can have a very positive effect on the rest of your call reps. This makes the supervisor more accessible, and reps are more likely to do their best when their supervisor is in sight. Also, being close by allows the supervisor to immediately share a recording with a rep right on the floor, either having them listen to their own call, or sharing an exceptional call from another rep that they would like to use as an example. If a rep has made a mistake, the best time to fix it is right after the call when the rep is still likely to remember the instance. All this is made possible by giving call center supervisors the call monitoring and grading power they are used to in the mobile format of a PDA.

Interested in implementing a PDA based call monitoring system? It’s not a difficult process and chances are many of the pieces you need are already in place:

  • VS Logger software running on a PC acting as a server to VS Monitor for PDA
  • WiFi network to allow the PDA to connect the phone recorder server
  • A PDA running Windows Mobile OS with 25MB of storage space, 2.5MB of RAM, and capable of playing WAV files.
  • VS Monitor for PDA software: See an online flash demo

When considering a PDA based call monitoring system be sure to consult with your call center supervisors and how comfortable they feel with a PDA. Interestingly enough the idea for PDA based call monitoring came directly from Call center supervisors who realized how helpful it would be and suggested the idea to Versadial solutions, the creators of VS Monitor for PDA. Pricing will be based upon how many PDAs are simultaneously running the software.

Call monitoring is a powerful way to improve call quality and by extension, positive customer perception of your organization. Providing a way to do that by PDA is now making it more effective than ever.

Last Updated on January 11, 2021