Distributed Call Recording Option Allows Enterprise Level Businesses to Reduce Internal Traffic and Storage Limitations

Distributed Call Recording Option Allows Enterprise Level Businesses to Reduce Internal Traffic and Storage Limitations

Irvine, California, July 26th, 2013 – Versadial Solutions, a Call Recording Company, has added the option to utilize multiple call recorders on a business’s network to leverage storage capacity and reduce bandwidth.

By enabling distributed recording on the recorder, large Enterprise businesses can easily scale their recording and monitoring solution over multiple locations on different networks, without impacting internal network bandwidth and storage limitations.

Versadial’s Adutante Call Recording solution utilizes multiple VSLogger recording engines to increase storage capabilities and reduce constant network bandwidth usage. Recordings are stored on each individual VSLogger server and remain there until users and managers access Adutante, the browser-based user interface, and request the recordings for playback.  Each VSLogger server can record up to 256 audio lines and over 150,000 hours of audio before needing additional storage or archiving.

The distributed recording option allows businesses with hundreds, if not thousands, of seats to be recorded in a scalable environment, and fully optimize their business resources by leveraging server capacities. Managers logged into the Adutante UI simply request recordings to listen to, at which point the audio file is transferred to the centralized Adutante server for immediate playback.
Since the audio is already heavily compressed, these requests take very little time and require a small percentage of network bandwidth.

“The addition of distributed recording for multiple-sites was designed with enterprise level companies in mind because it allows for efficient management of resources, storage, and access of recordings” stated Sales Engineer Steve Nguyen.

By utilizing each VSLogger server to store recordings for each department or location, the amount of recordings and storage capabilities multiplies with each additional server. Additionally, each individual VSLogger server may be configured to automatically archive recordings to further extend its storage capabilities.

“We also allow managers or administrators to directly access each VSLogger server to listen instantly to any recordings. Instead of requesting the file through the Adutante UI, a direct connection may be made to the server to listen to recorded calls immediately by using VSMonitor, a separate utility tool.” added Steve Nguyen.

Centralized storage is also still available for call recording users. The Centralized storage option is configured by default and each audio file is automatically uploaded to the centralized Adutante server after each call is completed.
Adutante’s user interface allows businesses to add notes to the recordings, search, flag, bookmark, silence, run reports, conduct quality control tests and train agents.

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