Are There Cons to Using Call Recording Software?

Are There Cons to Using Call Recording Software?

Last Updated on June 10, 2016 Pros and Cons of Call Recording

Call recording software can deliver a wide range of benefits to your business: enhanced quality control, better staff training, improved customer support, and fewer compliance issues, to name the main benefits. But are there also downsides to using call recording? We believe that call recording can be beneficial for almost all businesses. However, it does have some limitations and implications you should be aware of. Below, we lay out some of the most common concerns we hear about call recording software. We’ll explain which ones are valid, which probably aren’t, and why, so that you can make an informed choice about whether call recording is right for your business.

Is our recorded information safe?

When you use call recording, you’re recording and saving a lot of information. There may be confidential and sensitive information in a number of the calls that the software records and saves. Of course, it makes sense to be concerned that this information is kept safe and private. Developers of call recording software also think carefully about security. With Versadial’s software, all of your recordings stay on your own business premises rather than being stored by a third party. That means you never have to worry about someone hacking into a cloud drive or a third party. We use a granular permission-based system so that individuals have access to specific features and recordings. You have complete control over who can search, monitor, download, or play your recordings. This keeps your sensitive information secure and entirely within your control. Businesses have also found that call recording helps them to enhance security in other ways. With call recording, you can detect and remove security problems such as non-confidential conversations and sharing of trade secrets. This will leave your business more secure than before.

Will employees feel that we are intruding on their privacy?

Some businesses worry that their employees will feel offended by being recorded, as if they are not trusted. Some may feel that call recording is an intrusion into their privacy. Ultimately, whether or not this is problematic for your business will depend on your organization’s culture. For most business’s, however, they do not find this to be a problem. We believe it’s important that managers make clear that call recording is not only there to monitor potential problems, but to be used as a tool for training and mutual improvement. Employees will be able to benefit from call recording as they learn from their failures and successes.

Does call recording software take up a lot of storage space?

Your storage space is valuable, and we recognize that you do not want to use too much by storing recordings. Luckily, Versadial’s software can record saved calls very efficiently. In fact, you can save up to 148,000 hours on just 800 GB. In addition, the recordings are organized by channel and by recording date within a custom indexing system. This means that calls will be easy to find no matter how many you have saved.

Will using call recording take up a lot of time?

Some businesses may be concerned that properly implementing call recording will eat up valuable time. It’s true that you will need to take some time in order to use call recording software effectively. You may need to train your staff, particularly managers, in how to use the new software and incorporate it into their training and management practices. You will also need to spend time monitoring calls in order to learn from the information the recordings collect.

However, call recording also helps to save time in other ways. Versadial’s software can run a variety of reports to help you quickly assess employee performance. This enables you to gather information more quickly. Call recording is also the best way to reduce personal calls and other time-wasting during business hours. Perhaps most importantly, call recording helps to train employees to perform at a high level and provide excellent customer service. We believe that this improved performance is worth a small investment of time and will ultimately help a business to be more efficient and profitable.

Is call recording software expensive?

The price of call recording software will depend on the size of your business and how you plan to use it. At Versadial, the price depends on the type of lines required, the number of lines, and a couple of other factors. For most businesses, a call recording solution will cost about $150-$300 per channel (not including hardware). This is a one-time fee; once you have call recording software installed, you will not need to pay any other regular fees, unless you choose an optional yearly maintenance service that allows you access to support and updates. Most businesses find the cost to be affordable and worthwhile as a one-time investment for improving their long-term employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Last Updated on June 10, 2016