Call Recording for Transportation

Call Recording for Transportation

Large scalability, high reliability, and quality monitoring

The high growth industry of transportation needs the high reliability and large scalability of a Versadial call recording solution. Our quality monitoring is used in air, rail, road and water through infrastructure, vehicles, and operations. Voice recording in this industry is an ever growing necessity

Key Features and Benefits in the transportation sector include the following: 

  • Review and verify correct information
  • Proprietary recording files for enhanced security
  • Meet security standards
  • Capture caller ID, dialed numbers, SMDR, or ANI/ALI
  • Liability protection deals with mandates and provides easy access to irrefutable evidence
  • Record calls for dispute resolution
  • Real-time monitoring and playback 


Other market segments in this industry:
Moving and shipping transport
Concrete suppliers
Tow truck companies
Car Rental companies
Air Traffic Control
Taxi, limo and airport shuttle services
Auto Dealers
Department of Transportation