Call Recording for Telecommunication Vendors

Call Recording for Telecommunication Vendors

telecommunications-recording-solutionsThe first use of telecommunication came in the form of smoke signals. People would communicate with each other by sending puffs of smoke floating into the air. With the many changes in technology, most of us now rely heavily on our phone systems. While technology has steadily improved and changed since the use of smoke signals, the essence of telecommunications remains the same.

With businesses continuously starting, growing and shrinking, the need  for a reliable telecom vendor is ever increasing, and with this demand comes competition. A quick Google search will provide you a plethora of results for a telecom vendor. But what sets you apart? What makes you a more worthy telecom vendor then the one down the street?

A key differentiator that we have discovered is the ability to offer a value to businesses before they even realize they need it. Most companies who call us directly discover they need a call recording system for their business….why you may ask? The number one response is “I was (or am) dealing with a dispute with a customer.” Having a call recording system in place would have saved money and time spent dealing with the dispute, and in some unfortunate cases, time and money spent on a lawyer.

Not only are you increasing your revenue, but you are providing a valuable service to your customers. While most businesses think a call recording system just protects them from lawsuits and disputes, the reality is, a well-made recording system can be utilized as a key business tool to increase your sales training and business productivity.  Calls can be listened to live, helping you increase your first call response resolutions. Post calls can be reviewed and graded based on specific criteria and questions. These tests can be graded and reviewed over time, providing a window in your agent’s overall performance and to address any training requirements.

With the ability to screen capture and analyze PC activity, business productivity will steadily increase. Managers will be able to review an agent’s efficiency by watching their on-screen activity and adjusting their techniques or by modifying their software.

Sales managers can adjust scripts and listen to calls instantly to review the effectiveness of the pitch, as well as the process. This ensures they produce and optimize their marketing campaigns in a timely manner.  Up-sells and cross-sells can also be increased by training agents to recognize these key opportunities.

Smoke signals may have gotten most of the job done over a 1000 years ago, but in today’s fast paced and technology rich world, an efficient and reliable phone system is a major asset. Something that is also important, but often not realized until it is too late, is a reliable call recording system. Stand out from your competition and look into a call recording solution provider to add to your tool belt of offerings. Your customers will thank you for it!