Call Recording Solutions for Government

Call Recording Solutions for Government

government-recordingGovernmental agencies are widespread in both location and function; they range from infrastructure entities such as departments of transportation and port authorities to federal retirement and military operations. Perhaps the common denominator in all establishments of governmental bodies is the provided advantage of a call recording system.

The ability to record every incoming and outgoing call provides protection and compliance, as well as the ability to keep comprehensive records and monitor employees.

A call recording system is a seamless way to reduce liability and protect your risk of exposure. When an outside party makes false claims against the company, the entire call in question can be found quickly and easily and subsequently emailed directly to the opposing party, effectively squashing the issue at hand.

Call recording will also help a public sector business to comply with regulatory compliance. As recorded calls are often times necessary to act in accordance with compliance regulations, a call recording system’s ability to record both incoming and outgoing calls, including internally placed calls (such as extension to extension), will pay dividends in maintaining compliance.

Maintaining exhaustive and detailed records is vital in the public sector. The ability to know exactly what was and was not said, what was and wasn’t done, is vital to maintaining the high level of business and efficiency expected from governmental agencies. Call recording provides search, playback and notes features, all of which provide records that are easily searched, located, and used to maintain necessary records. Furthermore, the call data is encrypted, providing a safe and secure location for storing the call records.

In addition to what it can do for business protection and records, call recording can also help to monitor employee activity. The ability to record telephone conversations allows you to verify that employee activity conducted over the phone is authorized and within governmental policies.

When it comes to reducing liability, maintaining compliance regulations and keeping detailed records, governmental agencies can benefit enormously by employing a call recording system. To get more information on how call recording can improve your business, call us at 1.949.457.0650 and one of our dedicated account managers will be happy to assist you.