Call Recording Software Features: Search and Playback

Call Recording Software Features: Search and Playback

There are various useful features found in call recording software. One of the most critical tools found in recording software is the ability to search for and playback recordings.


This feature is a significant reason why businesses employ call recording software in the first place.  With this feature, you are able to search for specific recordings; you are able to search by caller ID, agent name, date and time of call, or by notes made on the call. Once you find the call(s) you are looking for, you are able to playback the phone conversation in its entirety. While listening to the recording, you are also able to add a bookmark to the call, allowing you to bookmark critical portions of the call for playback at a later time.

If you are looking for a call made by a specific agent during a specific week, you are able to use the search feature to bring up all calls during that time-frame and play them back. When in playback mode, the essential portion of the call can then be bookmarked, exported and even emailed as a WAV file.


Search and Playback is a useful tool for training purposes, as you are able to find and playback an example of a well-handled call. On the opposite end, you are able to find and play back poorly handled calls in order to teach new and current agents how to improve. Hypothetical situations can only go so far in teaching agents what to do, what not to do, and what to do better; the ability to listen to a real call between a client and an agent is invaluable in the learning process. 


Beyond training, the search and playback feature is a beneficial tool in the upkeep of agent performance. With the search feature, you are able to see how many calls an agent made in a specific time-frame, how many were outbound and inbound, and how long each call lasted. With this information, a manager is able to guarantee all agent quotas are being fulfilled and more importantly, after playback, calls are being handled correctly and efficiently. 

The benefits of search and playback are endless and not limited to the few summarized above. To learn more about the benefits of search and playback, and our call recording software, call 1.949.457.0650 and we’ll put you in touch with an account manager.