Call Recording Software features: Reports

Call Recording Software features: Reports

Last Updated on April 8, 2024

There are various useful features found in call recording software. One feature that can have a monumental effect on your business is the Reports feature.

The reports feature allows you to create two types of reports: Recordings and Quality Control. The difference between the two is pretty self-explanatory; the recordings reports are graphs and charts based off call recordings stored by the software, while the quality control reports are based off the quality control tests created and completed.

With the recording reports, you have the ability to create reports that provide statistical information that ranges from a summary of calls, to the top applications run by agents. For example, in the “summary of agents” report, you are able to select an agent, a time frame (day, week, or month), and a time period (8am-5pm), in order to create a report that can tell you for the selected period:  the number of calls made, the total length of calls, the average length of calls, and the average dead time for that agent. In addition, the “hours of day” agent report allows you to see how many calls were made at 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, etc. for an agent in a selected time period.

In Depth Reports

The recordings report feature, in so many ways, acts as a call accountant. Any numerical, statistical information you need on agent calls, such as length of calls, dead time, hours spent on the phone in a given day, etc., the reports feature provides with a few easy clicks. Call accounting provides so much in-depth information on agent’s calls; you won’t ever need to ask your agents about their calls, because the report will tell you everything they won’t. The information provided will go a long way in tracking your agents, their performance and your business efficiency levels with substantial data to back it up.

The Quality Control report works the same way but the information reported is much different. The Quality Control report provides a wider, more in-depth look at an agent’s performance. For example, once the quality control tests have been completed over a month’s time, the manager is able to run a report on a specific agent to see an average score and even a trend for the agent. The data provided goes a long way in making sure an agent is improving, rather than regressing.

If two different managers are doing the grading, a supervisor is able to see the scores for an agent given by each manager. This means that for the same time period and the same calls, an agent is getting two grades; if the grades differ significantly, the supervisor can find out why.   The more people grading means more perspectives and more opinions, which in this case, is a powerful tool for any business.

The reports feature is a powerful tool in grading performance, managing expectations, and getting results. Both sections of the reports feature provide crucial data that when used, will significantly improve your agents’ performance, your managers’ expectations, and your business’ bottom line.

The benefits of the report feature are endless and not limited to the few summarized above. To learn more about the benefits of reports, and our call recording software, call 1.949.457.0650 and we’ll put you in touch with an account manager.

Last Updated on April 8, 2024