Call Recording Software features: Quality Control

Call Recording Software features: Quality Control


There are various useful features found in call recording software. One feature that will greatly benefit your business as a whole is the Quality Control feature.

The quality control feature found in our call recording software is easy to use but the effect on your business will be profound. The grading feature works as so: the manager will select an agent they wish to grade, and then pick a time period to grade (the options are daily calls, weekly calls, or monthly calls). In essence, you have the ability to create a test for the agent’s calls made in a day, a week, or a month. From there, the manager will select the time frame they wish to grade and create the test. The software will bring up the available tests and the manager will then select the appropriate test for the agent at hand.

The quality control feature gives you the ability to grade agent’s calls based on your own criteria; you have the ability to create your own tests and questions. For example, if you have both sales agents and technical support agents, those two departments would have two very different tests. The sales test could include a question on if a sale was made in the call and the technical support test could include a question if the issue was resolved in a timely manner. Different types of agents require different tests and our software gives you the ability to grade multiple departments correctly.

Questions can range from pass/fail, yes/no to scale based (1-5, 1-10), and can include “test failed” or “not applicable” as answers to each question. In addition to the pre-formatted questions, you are able to create your very own questions. You also have the ability to determine the point value for each question, and percentage weight for each section of the test (the total must be 100).

Once the test has been created, you are able to listen to the calls in the timeframe selected, add applicable calls to the grading list and grade the calls. You are able to add notes to the calls or the test as whole, and even bookmark important sections of a call that answer a specific question in the test and label it as so. If you are not able to complete a test, you can save it and come back to it at a later time.

Our Quality Control feature affords you the ability to not just check in on your agents and see how they are handling calls, but make sure every agent is following the guidelines set forth and give them a grade. With the quality control feature, you have the ability to quantify the agents, their calls, and their performance with a test created by the managers themselves. That ability, in and of itself, will have a huge impact on your agent’s performance level, customer satisfaction levels, and your business as a whole.

The benefits of the quality control feature are endless and not limited to the few summarized above. To learn more about the benefits of quality control, and our call recording software, call 1.949.457.0650 and we’ll put you in touch with an account manager.