Call Recording Software features: Notes

Call Recording Software features: Notes


There are various useful features found in call recording software. One extremely useful tool found in recording software is the ability to make notes on calls.

This feature is fairly simple, but it can pay dividends to your business. The notes feature works as so: when playing back a call, a manager can add a note about that specific call. For example, if a sale occurs in a call, the manager can add “sale” to the notes section. This allows the managers to see which calls led to sales. Moreover, you are able to search for calls based on the notes section, so you are able to bring up all calls that led to sales and play them back.

The notes section, combined with the use of the search feature, gives you the ability to search and find calls that have a specific attribute (sales, irate customer, etc.), and bring up every one of those specific calls in order to play them back , grade them, save them, or email them.

The manager in this case has the ability to then search for the calls that led to sales and then play them back to determine what the sales agent is doing in order to close a sale. The manager can then share the calls with the other agents to show a sale-produced call and all that was done to make the sale.

On the opposite end, the notes feature allows the manager to find all escalated calls. If a customer calls in with a dispute, the agent/manager can update the note so that it can be easily searched for.  The manager is then able to search for all calls that have had a dispute and then play them back to determine the cause of the problem (agent, product, service, etc.).

The manager is able to determine if there is a common link between the agents’ handling of the call and the unhappy customer or if the fault is on the customer. Any conclusion that can be made on escalated calls can help to improve your business’ customer service and customer satisfaction levels. Our call recording software provides the ability to find the escalated calls, determine the reason for the escalation, and make internal changes to prevent more dissatisfied customers.

The benefits of the notes feature are endless and not limited to the few summarized above. To learn more about the benefits of notes, and our call recording software, call 1.949.457.0650 and we’ll put you in touch with an account manager.