Call Recording for Public Safety

Call Recording for Public Safety

Quick local and remote retrieval of fully redundant recorded calls

Prevent and protect the public with the help of a Versadial call recording solution. When reliability is an absolute necessity, Versadial has the call recording solution that will sustain the needs of high demand systems. Maintenance free systems with non stop recording. Fault tolerance and high reliability keep communications working 100% of the time. Quick and easy access to all recorded calls. Dispatch call evaluation that helps improve call taker performance and ease of use.

Key Features and Benefits in the public safety sector include the following:

  • Proprietary recording files for enhanced security
  • Mixed playback for incident replay
  • Reliable system running 24/7 with redundant power supply and RAID hard disks
  • Visual and audio alarms
  • Recording checksum for verifying non-tamper proof system recordings
  • Liability protection deals with mandates and provides easy access to irrefutable evidence
  • Live Monitoring: Supervisors can monitor calls using multi-tiered security permission levels.
  • Agents, supervisors and managers can be given selectable access to one or all channels and features
  • Database integration
  • Automatic archiving to DVD and network drives
  • Multi-site recording with centralized data storage access

Other market segments in this industry:
911 dispatch services
Security organizations
Emergency systems
Alarm companies
Department of Transportation