Call Recording Laws - Friend, Foe, or a Draconian Law

Call Recording Laws - Friend, Foe, or a Draconian Law

Call Recording Laws – Friend, Foe, or a Draconian Law

Recording calls is one of the many pieces that help these businesses achieve and meet customer demands. However, despite this tool being an important piece in the overall business cogwheel, customers and privacy laws are in a constant battle against it. This paper will address the issues concerning call recording in a business environment and how, despite their efforts to improve customer service, the laws regarding call recording has made it near impossible to implement. Customers who demand amazing customer service also condemn the very tool that is used to improve this service. Privacy is an important concern, but there must be a balance between privacy and customer expectations. Additionally, despite the laws being passed to combat privacy issues, they have created more confusion and pressure for businesses than actually addressing privacy concerns. Finally, although the legislature’s desire to appease the masses and the concern for privacy, they must make it easier on companies, and not focus on punishment as the current laws have presented, but rather encourage a transparency of business by requiring specific types of companies to record all calls with customers. By changing the current laws from punishment focused to a transparency objective, the laws will not only improve customer interactions with business, but will also create a business/customer friendly environment that will improve overall customer satisfaction and reduce bad business practices.”



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