Call Recorder – How To: Monitor, Download, Search and Playback Live and Recorded Calls

Call Recorder – How To: Monitor, Download, Search and Playback Live and Recorded Calls

Versadial call recorder allows managers to Monitor Live Calls, Download, Search and Playback Recorded Calls.

How To Monitor a Live Call
When you log into the Versadial System, immediately you see the extensions or trunks in your system and the associated channels.

Associated Channel

This is the Live Monitoring section. To Live Monitor a call, you may click on the channel button, as a manager with the proper permissions, to see the monitor control bar below.

You may then click the Start Monitoring button on the far left.

Monitor Control Bar

As you can see below, the channel lit up solid blue and you are now monitoring that extension.

Solid Blue – Live Monitoring A Call

When you are done monitoring the call, you can simply click on the channel button again. The Monitor Control will return and you may click on the same button to stop the monitoring.

Click On Stop Monitoring To Stop

How to Search and Playback Call Recordings
To Search and Playback Call Recordings, click on the Live Monitoring drop down on the top right-hand corner and choose Live Monitoring.

Live Monitoring Menu Drop Down

A search pad will appear on the left-hand side.

Search Pad

From the search pad, you may choose the time range you would like to search. For our example, we choose This Month.
You can then choose the Channel or Agent you would like to search. For this example, we choose two agents, Don and Adam.

Search Pad Settings

We then click the Search button to search for the recordings.

Search Results

The results will pull up all of the recordings for the time frame we chose. You may then click on the Start key to sort the recordings by Date/Time to bring the most recent call to the top.

Start Key To Sort

To listen to a recording, simply click on the recording’s Channel button.

Select Channel Button To Listen To Recording

The Record Control will appear. You may click on the Play button.

Record Control Bar

The recording will appear at the bottom of the page and you may listen to the recording.

Recording Interface

How to Download Recorded Calls
To download the recording as a .wav file, return to the Record Control and click on the Download button.

Download Button

You may save the .wav to your computer. Once you have downloaded the .wav file, you may attach it to an email and forward it to someone who does not have access to your call recorder system. This will allow your recipient to listen to the recording at any given time.