Call Recorder - How To: Expand/Add a Phone Line To Your Recorder

Call Recorder - How To: Expand/Add a Phone Line To Your Recorder
Last Updated on April 8, 2024

As your company grows, you may want to start recording additional lines or individuals. The process for this depends on the currently recorded line types and licensing that you have.

Do You Need Extra Licenses?

If you are adding extra lines to record, your first step is to check if you have enough licenses. You do not need extra licenses to add extra recorded lines, but you have to have at least one channel license of the specific type to enable and test recording.

Versadial recording is licensed by the maximum number of simultaneously recorded calls / lines of the same type. Your current configuration and type of the added line will influence your decision.

Versadial recorders have three types of the channel (recorded input) licenses:

  • TDM channels –  include analog and digital phones, T1/E1 , ISDN PRI/BRI and IPCast
  • VOIP channels – include VoIP communication channels
  • Screen channels – include workstation screens

If you add extra lines of exactly the same type as currently used, you might manage without extra licenses.

If you add extra lines which require different license type, you’ll need licenses for the added line type.

Enough about the licenses, and remember, you can add extra lines to the recorder even without any licenses, if you need to.

Hardware Requirements. (In the context of our UI and Software)

Versadial recording software groups all recorded lines/devices (we call them channels ) into configuration objects called Hardware. Some hardware objects correspond to actual physical Hardware (tangible device, such as recording board of the specific type). Other hardware objects (e.g. VoIP or IPCast) do not relate to anything tangible, and simply contain configuration for a group of the channels.

Physical Hardware objects contain fixed number of channels , e.g. 8 channel analog recording board, has 8 analog channels.

Intangible Hardware objects (VoIP, IPCast) contain a variable number of channels as configured/ set by the recorder administrator.

VoIP: Recorded VoIP traffic is received by the recorder via NIC (Network Interface card). Recording NIC connected to network switch Mirror or regular data port, depending on individual channel settings. Total number of the supported channels is configured by the administrator

Digital or Analog: Recording cards come in 8 Channel, 16 channel, and 24 channel increments. Software detects all detected cards for enabled hardware (e.g. Audiocodes LDXXXX serios boards) and creates individual hardware object (LDXXXX channels). Total number of the channels is combined channels for all detected boards. Administrator can change the number of such channels by adding or removing corresponding boards.

Thus, you MUST have an available channel/port on the physical recording card to connect to. If all the channels are already taken, you must purchase an additional recording card from Versadial or from the other vendor.


Step 1 – Admin Login

Log into VSLogger as Admin.


Step 2 – Hardware

The number of Channels depends on your Hardware configuration. Thus, to ADD a channel, you must first increase/add the channel via the Hardware tab.

For Analog or Digital recording, you may already have the channels available to configure. This will depend on your previous setup and configuration of your recording card with VSLogger.

For VoIP, you will most likely need to manually increase the number of channels. For details, you may go here: 

    1. SETUP > HARDWARE (left-hand side) > Select Edit for the appropriate channel
    3. From within the selected Hardware, you will see the number of channels. Increase the number of channels (should match your purchased licenses)
    4. Click SUBMIT
  • WARNING: Your Hardware channels have not saved. You must select SAVE and RELOAD to propagate the changes made.
  • After the recorder has reloaded, log back in.
  • Proceed to the next step.
  • Analog/Digital
    • If recording boards of the specific vendor were detected, software will allow enable/ or disable corresponding hardware (e.g. SHCTI – Synway boards, SMART- Audiocodes boards)

When corresponding hardware was enabled and configured, you must select SAVE and RELOAD to propagate the changes made.

From this point you can configure individual channels (recorded lines or devices.)

Step 3- Channel Configuration

For this vast topic please refer to VSLogger online reference and navigate to your specific channel type.

If you encounter any issues please contact our support team to assist. An active maintenance plan is required.

Last Updated on April 8, 2024