Call Recorder - How To: Create Bookmarks, Silence or Extract Portion of a Call

Call Recorder - How To: Create Bookmarks, Silence or Extract Portion of a Call
Last Updated on April 8, 2024

Versadial call recorder allows  users to create bookmarks on  recordings. Utilizing  bookmarks allows to indicate important parts of the recorded call,  silence OR download a selected portion of the call.

Bookmark Toolbar

Types of Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be public or private.

  • Private Bookmarks: Only the logged-in user who created the bookmark can see it.
  • Public Bookmarks: All users who have permission to listen to the call will see the public bookmark.
Private and Public Bookmarks

How to Add a Bookmark

The bookmark toolbar is available during playback in the audio player. Select between PRIVATE or PUBLIC (defined above). During playback, select the (PAUSE) button OR use your mouse and left-click the location of where you would like to place the bookmark.

On the bookmark toolbar, select the (+) icon. This will add the bookmark to the paused audio location. In the text field space, name the bookmark appropriately. Ex. “Start of Dispute”, “Start of QC”, “Sale”, etc. Select the (SAVE) icon to save the bookmark to the recording.

Create a Bookmark and Name It

Moving/Adjusting the Bookmark

You may re-align the bookmark to the left or right if needed.  Using your mouse and holding left-click while the bookmark is selected, you can drag the bookmark to the left or the right. Letting go of the left-mouse button will place the Bookmark in the new location. Select the (SAVE) icon to save the bookmark in the new location.  

Removing a Bookmark

Select the bookmark by clicking the top (TRIANGLE) icon.  When properly selected, it will become outlined in RED.

Delete Bookmark

With the bookmark selected, you may remove (delete) it by selecting the () icon.

Silencing or Downloading a Section of the Recording

The ability to download a portion of the call  is useful and a popular feature. Users often want to share only a short and important section of the call, and sending a 1 hour phone conversation is innifecient.

The ability to silence sensitive portions of the call is an important tool to improve PCI compliance. Automatic detection and erasing of the sensitive information often fails or is impossible. In such situations, manual silencing becomes the last resort.

Silencing or downloading a section of the recording is accomplished by creating two bookmarks, a “Beginning” and an “End” bookmark.

First, create your bookmarks by following the directions laid out in “How to Add a Bookmark” above. The bookmarks must incorporate the entire section of the recording that you want to silence or extract. For example, at the 1:10 minute mark you create your first bookmark, and at the 2:06 minute mark you create your second bookmark.

Create Bookmark #1
Create Bookmark #2

Once bookmarks are created, with your mouse, click the First bookmark, the (TRIANGLE) icon on the top of the wav. It should highlight RED. Then, click the Second bookmark, it too should highlight red. The portion of the audio between both bookmarks will be highlighted.  

Select First Bookmark
Select Second Bookmark (Highlights section)

With the audio section now highlighted, a NEW option*, (PENCIL) icon, should appear in the bookmark toolbar. Select this, and you have the option to either SILENCE this section, or DOWNLOAD this highlighted section as a wav file*.

Download Selected Section, or Silence Selected Section

*Note: If NO icon is available, you do not have permission to download or edit the file. Download and Silence are independently permission-based.

Last Updated on April 8, 2024