Call Center Recording Software - Adutante 1.4.1 Release

Call Center Recording Software - Adutante 1.4.1 Release

Irvine, California, March 22, 2013 – Versadial Solutions, a Call Recording Company, released a new version of their Adutante Recording Software. The new version brings a few feature enhancements, most notably the Quality Control and Testing features.

With the enhanced QC function, users can create an unlimited number of tests with different criteria and sections, including multiple questions with varying values. Managers can review incoming and outgoing calls from a particular agent, add the call to the test, and grade the agent’s performance. Calls may be graded on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis while multiple calls may be added and graded at once, allowing sales managers and directors to quickly grade an agent in a short period of time.

By grading agents over a period of time, managers are able to measure their approach to customer service and other criteria. Tests can also be reviewed, either by another manager or by the agent who was graded. All of this takes place within a browser and can be accessed from any PC within the network, increasing efficiency and productivity for your learning and training process.

Increasing the productivity and management of IT managers, Versadial has also modified their login and access system to work in-sync with Windows Active Directory. This allows IT managers to oversee and manage only one username and password database.

Access and login details are controlled by linking Windows Active Directory with Adutante’s database. Adutante communicates with Active Directory and can allow access to specific features based on user groups and login details.

“We listened heavily to customer feedback and suggestions and found the need to link our login system with Windows Active Directory.” said Oleg Melikhov, Versadial Solutions’ Lead Developer. “We always encourage our customers to provide us feedback to make their experience with our software as beneficial and smooth as possible.”

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