Call Center Challenges

Call Center Challenges

Last Updated on October 19, 2020

The Outsourcing Revolution drafted by Michael F. Corbett back in 2004 outlined what some of the managers of busy call centers felt were the biggest difficulties they faced in day-to-day operations.  In this work, Corbett mentioned complaints such as:

  • Having to increase productivity while utilizing less capital
  • Concern over negative social media postings
  • Getting and keeping the right people

Call Center Challenges

While I agree with the majority of the report, it really comes down to one very important point.

Why can’t some people ever get motivated?

Dealing with any of those customer service issues is significantly easier with motivated employees. For anyone who has ever worked in a call center, you will understand what I mean. Typically, these are hallways with desks on either side with chairs that push out into the middle. This design was clearly the brainchild of some business analyst in the hopes it would promote higher productivity. He likely thought that if your co-workers could see you were there, you would be less likely to slack off.

A novel idea that is philosophically sound, but still flawed.

Here is why: Some people just don’t care if they do a good job and really don’t care if anyone else knows about it.

Not all people enter a job feeling that way, but after a while, with little feedback and few incentives to improve, the monotony settles in. You get comfortable with the stagnancy of the job. As a result, the company’s bottom line can suffer.

So what can be done? How can you get a Zappos team?

A major part of maximizing your sales is identifying key difficulties and offering top notch solutions to the client. Versadial offers a world class solution that enables operations management the tools it needs to keep tabs on their halls of mediocrity and encourage employees to improve.  Within Adutante lies the ability to monitor employees’ productivity in real time.

The system allows management to not only record calls for compliance and liability issues, but lets them listen in on live calls for an immediate evaluation of employee performance. This means you can coach your best employees and retrain your least successful.

It also allows a person to capture screenshots of customer service representatives’ computer monitors. You can now properly assess whether they are actively and efficiently addressing client concerns or merely parroting options without following through. This helps to enable the manager to become more proactive in the customer experience and acts as a superior training tool as well. Coupled with the customizable quality assurance test models available, a Versadial call recording package can improve your call centers overnight.

Monitoring, Training, Motivating

Call centers have some of the hardest jobs, for both employees and managers; the employees find it hard to get motivated, and the managers deal with high employee churn. Any call recording and monitoring solution you consider should be able to at least offer you the benefits we listed here. Success in call centers is about understanding your current assets, your employees’ habits and behaviors, and optimizing for success. Instituting incentive and commission programs, conducting live mystery-caller sessions, and spotted gaps in your service are paramount to success. And it all starts with a high-value, call recording solution.

Last Updated on October 19, 2020