The Benefits of Screen Capture Software for Businesses

The Benefits of Screen Capture Software for Businesses

Last Updated on August 23, 2021

screen-recordingIn order to keep your call center or other communications-focused business efficient and to make sure customers are happy, it’s essential to be able to monitor your employees’ performance. For this reason, many businesses have started to rely on call recording software, an excellent tool for reviewing and improving performance. However, call recording software can’t capture everything. Screen capture software picks up what’s being left out; it records desktop activity so that you can see both how employees are interacting with customers online and how efficiently they are using technology. This software can deliver a number of benefits to your business and significantly augment the effectiveness of your call recording software.

Get the Full Picture

Your employees do a lot of their hard work over the phone, but the computer is also an essential tool for providing top-notch customer service. Call recording provides an accurate record of phone calls, but it leaves out what’s happening on your employee’s end. With screen capture, you’ll also be able to see how your employees look up customer information, conduct research, and find information. When you pair screen capture with call recording, you get the full picture of employee performance. Versadial enables you to synchronize audio and video playback from when an employee was making a call, so you can simultaneously review an employee’s entire performance. Screen capture also makes sure you aren’t leaving important customer interactions out of your performance review process.

Verify that Employees are Following Computer Policies

If you have company computer policies, it can be hard to ensure that your employees are following them. Whether you have policies concerning the use of social media or how customer information must be processed, screen capture software is the only way to verify that your employees are consistently following policy. By enforcing your policy, you can ensure that information is being handled properly. You can also make sure that your employees are working efficiently and are not distracted while talking with customers.

Ensure PCI and HIPAA Compliance

For any business that deals with sensitive information, it is of paramount importance to maintain confidentiality and compliance with all PCI and HIPAA policies. Versadial’s software provides additional help by giving you the option to black out private customer information from all screen captures. This makes it easy to stay compliant with PCI and HIPAA policies while reviewing employee performance.

Improve Employee Training

Screen capture is an excellent tool for effective employee training. First of all, you can use it to get a more complete picture of an employee’s performance. How do they go about finding customer information? How long does it take them to answer customer questions, and why? How effectively do they use your company’s software? These are great subjects to bring up during employee training and performance reviews, and using screen capture software can provide you with excellent insight into their performance. You can also use the screen captures as a learning tool. In a performance review meeting, you can play back synchronized recorded phone audio and PC video. The employee can then review their own performance, easily seeing both their strengths and their weaknesses. This is a great teaching tool that can help all employees to improve their customer interaction skills and boost performance.

Make Your Internal Systems More Efficient

In addition to facilitating employee training, screen capture can help you to improve your company’s internal systems. When you design or implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system, for example, it can be hard to know how it will function for all of your employees. Screen capture will enable you to see all of your internal systems in action. You’ll be able to see, for example, if a frequently-used page loads slowly, or if a certain process takes an unnecessary number of steps. This insight will enable you to target certain areas for improvement and find ways to make your processes more efficient. With each small improvement you make, you help all of your employees and your company as a whole to be more efficient. In the end, this helps you work towards your ultimate goals: improving customer satisfaction and boosting profitability.

Last Updated on August 23, 2021