April 1st - Antarctica Satellite Office - Versadial

April 1st - Antarctica Satellite Office - Versadial

Franz Gomer - Sol del Frost Franz Gomer, Sales Director of Sol del Frost, outside his office in Antarctica (during a blizzard)[/caption]

Versadial today announced the launch of a new satellite office to sell their call recording software. When reviewing current and active resellers within their global network, there was one location that failed to meet quota.


Although nearly twice the size of Australia, sales in that region were not meeting Versadial’s expectations. “We needed some fresh blood and a new energy in that region, we have a well-established network in every other continent, but Antarctica was an area we really needed to build up.” commented Corey Tolmasoff, Director of Marketing.

After an exhaustive search in that region, Versadial finally picked Sol del Frost Telecom. “They have been established in Antarctica for over 6 years, and it just felt like the perfect fit for our call recording solution” added  Tolmasoff.

“We are really excited to represent Versadial Solutions and their call recording software. Recording communications here in Antarctica has always been important and with the recent growth in this region, I foresee a boom in the call recording industry.” stated Franz Gomer, Sales Director of Sol del Frost.

Versadial has high hopes for Sol del Frost Telecom and expects to dominate the call recording industry in Antarctica for years to come.