An Enterprise Call Recording Solution for the Small Business and Home Office

An Enterprise Call Recording Solution for the Small Business and Home Office

Last Updated on October 5, 2020

Irvine, California, November 5th, 2013 – Versadial Solutions, a Call Recording Company, brings an enterprise-level call recording solution to the small business and home office niche.

Over 15 years ago, Versadial Solutions designed and developed one of the first call recording kit solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. The original software (VSlogger) experienced tremendous growth and expansion. Still one of Versadial’s main software packages, VSLogger has proven to be a stable and flexible call logging solution.

An Enterprise Call Recording Solution for the Small Business and Home Office

With the recent add-on of Adutante, the power of both VSLogger and Adutante working in tandem created an enterprise level recording solution for businesses and call centers.

Most home offices and small businesses use traditional analog lines for their telephone requirements.  “We had a lot of end users calling us looking for an affordable solution to record 4 to 6 phones. We put together a basic kit that would provide a solution to their initial requirement, but we didn’t stop there, we added our feature-rich and powerful Adutante Call Recording solution to the package. Giving these small businesses access to the tools their larger competitors have been enjoying for years.” stated Corey Tolmasoff, Director of Marketing. 

No longer do you need deep pockets or a large call center to take advantage of a robust call recording solution. Versadial now makes it easy to record your home or small office with a simple call recording kit. Installed on your personal computer or server, the recorder will act just like any other enterprise recording solution on the market today.

Record all inbound and outbound calls automatically with call details for easy tracking. Create call reports for number of minutes, number of phone calls and busiest time of day. Run quality control tests for your employees and conduct training and monitoring to improve performance. Multiple search parameters and instant playback of calls allow you to review or actively monitor employees. Resolve verbal disputes and reduce your business liability.

The call recording kit comes with an 8 channel analog recording board and recording software. Depending on the number of phone lines you need to record, you can purchase 4 or 8 recording licenses.  The kit also comes standard with the Versadial VSLogger recording engine as well as the Adutante call recording interface. The Adutante call recording interface allows users to access the recordings from a flash enabled web browser and the ability to use the recorded calls for training and reports.

Optionally, the recording kit allows for quality control tests, letting managers or owners create custom tests to grade and score their employees. Tests are recorded and can be tracked over time. Additionally, when purchasing, you can obtain a connection kit that allows end-users to easily split their analog lines.

Once a business receives the call recording kit, installation is fairly straightforward. Some basic PC knowledge is required, but Versadial will support the end-user during the initial installation of the product.

Simply use a personal PC or Server to install the recording board. Versadial recommends a fairly new PC capable of running Windows 7.  The end-user will then place the provided recording board into a spare PCI slot. Once properly installed, installation of software and configuration can proceed.

The analog phone lines are split by using an RJ splitter or by physically splicing the analog lines. Once the analog lines are split, one line is directed towards the handset or phone, while the other line is connected to the recording board.

About Versadial Solutions

Established in 1994, Versadial has been offering call recording solutions for over 15 years. Our call recording software is affordable, reliable, easy and intuitive. Our goal and passion is to create, design and develop a call recording system that fits the needs of our customers. 

Last Updated on October 5, 2020