Adutante Call Recording Version 1.5 Released

Adutante Call Recording Version 1.5 Released

Irvine, California, May 4th, 2013 – Versadial Solutions, a Call Recording Company, released a new version of their Adutante Recording Software, version 1.5. The major highlights include forced SSL and a more robust authentication system.

“Versadial has taken note of the ever changing and expanding compliance and regulatory requirements placed on businesses, and we continue to assist our current and future clients by ensuring our solution meets these regulations”, stated Versadial CEO Gene Shennikov.

With Versadial’s latest software release, the addition of secure socket layer encryption will meet the standards laid out by 3rd party regulatory committees, ie. NIST. Versadial has several government institutions that use their call recording software, and NIST is a major factor in establishing and regulating these government institutions. One of the major regulation standards that NIST is in charge of enforcing and implementing is FISMA. FISMA, Federal Information Security Management Act, was enacted in 2002 and brings attention to cybersecurity within the federal government to ensure security measures are in place and overall risk is reduced.

Expanding on the security measures laid out by the FISMA act, Versadial also enhanced their login procedures and introduced an enhanced secure login when accessing the software interface and call recordings. The enhanced security requires a more robust security measure for passwords and user access. The changes still allows any business to configure their level of security requirements based on their own policies and procedures, creating a very flexible yet secure call recording system. 

About Versadial Solutions
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