Adutante Call Recording 1.3 Released

Adutante Call Recording 1.3 Released

Adutante call-recording

Versadial Solutions (a call recording company) has just released a new version of Adutante.

Adutante 1.3 has a slew of new features and a re-designed user interface. Our new user interface is easier to navigate and more visually engaging. The intuitive design allows a call center manager to track and monitor multiple agents with a simple click and glance.

For call managers on the go and walking around the floor, we have designed the monitor interface to be easily portable onto a tablet PC. Large buttons and sleek design make listening easy and clear.

A much-improved feature is our new quality control and grading module. Grade individual calls, or for those busy days, group multiple calls together and give an overall grade for the agent. This allows managers to easily grade multiple agents, without creating separate tests for each individual call.

With Adutante, you can allow agents to stop recording their call remotely. With Desktop Assistant installed, each agent can have access to their recording. A nice feature with Desktop Assistant is the ability to create triggers that activate or deactivate recording. This comes in very handy for PCI Compliance. Once an agent comes to a Credit Card section in their sales process, Desktop Assistant can detect this action and automatically mute the recording. Once the agent goes to the next screen, the trigger is activated again, and the recording is unmuted.

Need screen capture? Adutante can record monitors in high quality, providing crystal clear video of your agent’s PC screen. Screen capture can also be activated with a triggered event. Begin recording or stop recording when the agent goes to a specific web page or opens a specific program.