9 Call Recording Benefits and How Versadial can help

9 Call Recording Benefits and How Versadial can help
Last Updated on September 7, 2021

Business managers interested in improving productivity may naturally look towards call recording at the office to ensure performance. Call recording provides companies several benefits such as insight into how their employees are using company property and technology, allows business managers to coach and improve the performance of their team, and ensures the agents are following protocol and compliance.

This article will identify 9 benefits of call recording, how they can optimize the company’s business functions, improve employee performance, and the bottom line.

Call Center
Call Center

Phone Call Recording Benefits

There are many reasons for a company to implement call monitoring. Those may be new compliance regulations or a desire to take advantage of the benefits call recording has to offer such as:

  1. Coaching for Sales – Call recording is a must for businesses that rely on telephone sales. It provides an opportunity for managers to listen to calls with their sales associates. The manager can review the sales call along with the sales associate and identify points in the conversation where the sales associate can improve. Management may also set up peer reviews to allow more experienced coworkers an opportunity to listen and provide feedback to a call. Business managers may also establish a Peer Learning Library for sales representatives to reference and listen to successful calls. This is especially helpful for sales associates who are struggling. There are other methods for coaching a sales team to be explored. Versadial’s monitoring feature allows supervisors to listen to these calls live and advise their sales employees on their next move.
  2. Improving Customer Service Interactions – Customer service is essential to all businesses. This department directly interacts with clients and affects the company’s reputation. All companies must ensure their customer service staff is providing the best customer service at all times. Call recording allows customer service managers to listen to calls and work with the customer service staff to improve their soft skills such as active listening, attentiveness, clear communication, speaking with a positive attitude, and more. Versadial’s monitoring feature allows supervisors to listen to a customer-employee-interaction live or partially recorded. This feature allows the supervisor to review the call before the call finishes.
  3. Creating better call center scripts – Call recording can identify behavior or patterns that may affect a call such as a word or a phrase that makes the caller lose interest or what makes a sales pitch successful. By identifying these patterns, businesses can optimize their scripts for a more effective and efficient interaction with their callers. The flagging, commenting and searching feature in Versadial provides managers the ability to perform this task effectively.
  4. Reducing corporate and personal liability – A customer dispute may surface from a miscommunication. Businesses and their employees may be liable for these miscommunications and it is beneficial to the business to have the call recording. This helps the company and the employee better understand the origin of the issue and defuse the customer dispute before it escalates into a lawsuit.
  5. Improving products and services – Feedback from customers can be one of the best ways to improve your products and services. It enables decision-makers to listen to calls from their customers about how to improve their products or services. This can be a vast source of ideas to inspire product designers to create new features and uses for the company product. It may also lead to better and more efficient methods to run and deliver company services. Conversely, these recordings may also reveal flaws in the product or service which the company may resolve to produce a better product or provide better service.
  6. Optimizing operational efficiency – Call centers can maximize their efficiency by monitoring their operations and adjusting their workflows. This means ensuring the processes run efficiently. This is achieved by setting up benchmarks for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as First Call Resolution (FCR), Average Resolution Time (ART), Customer Resolution Rate, and more. By monitoring these KPIs, a bottleneck may be revealed in the operational workflow. Managers can listen to call recordings, identify inefficiencies, and take actions to resolve them.
  7. Improving marketing efforts – Call recordings may contain insights about the problems customers resolve by using the company products. Marketing can then build campaigns to identify these problems and propose the company product as the solution. Agents may also ask survey questions such as how they heard about their company to discover what marketing channels are driving customers to their business. The survey may also contain demographic and psychographic questions to allow marketers to merge them and generate personas. Versadial enables marketers to download those recordings with ease so that they may be forwarded to analysts and decision-makers. The wav format ensures playback compatibility between PC, Mac or even on Android and Apple Smartphones. Versadial call recording software is accessible on any platform through your personalized web page.
  8. Capturing forgotten or missed information – Recording archives provide both the business and the customer an exact reference for their interactions in the past. This is useful for client information, product specifications, installation procedures, and more. If the client forgets the exact product they ordered, requested specific customizations, or any other type of circumstance that requires greater detail, the call recording will provide the missing details. Versadial can back up recordings. This includes off site backups to ensure that recordings are always available when needed.
  9. Ensuring Compliance – Some businesses, particularly those in financial or medical services, must follow specific regulatory compliance laws when conducting business. Call recording allows businesses to monitor specific interactions with clients and ensure their employees are following regulatory compliance laws and procedures.

Versadial provides a powerful call recording software solution to provide all of these benefits, and more to businesses. The software features customized reports to highlight average call length, peak call times, slow call times, number of calls per day, agent performance and detailed reports of the activity within their call center. The software can also show managers the times and days of the week to improve staffing efficiency.

Get the most out of Call Recording

Whether a business operates with a traditional office, has a fully remote workforce, or uses a hybrid approach, call recording empowers business managers and allows them to improve productivity and gain insight on when and how their team is working. Savvy business managers understand that call recording is a tool to collect key performance indicators and when used properly, it will provide the opportunity for growth in their employees and the company.

Phone call monitoring provides managers with an opportunity to coach and improves the performance of their employees. This allows the employees to grow and become more productive. Regardless of the reason why a company chooses to implement call recording, it will provide an opportunity to improve how the business operates and reap all of the benefits discussed.

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Last Updated on September 7, 2021