5 Signs You Should Invest In Call Recording

5 Signs You Should Invest In Call Recording

Last Updated on November 9, 2020

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Now is the best time there has ever been to be in business.

There are more opportunities to create new products and services, more ways to reach targeted customers, and more ways to optimize your sales process, than ever before.

Sadly, very few businesses are utilizing even a tiny fraction of the potential that exists right now.

The reason for that is lack of DATA.

Hard, concrete data shows you what’s working, and what isn’t. It shows you where you can improve. It shows you what improvements are working.

Without solid data on everything going on in your business, you are absolutely leaving money on the table.

In this article, I’m going to talk about one of the most important data gathering tools available: call recording.

Call recording puts you directly into every sales and customer support call your employees make.

It gives you direct insight to what your customers are thinking, and what their state of mind is.

So, here are 5 signs you should invest in call recording technology.

1. Your Business Isn’t At Its Potential, And You Don’t Know Why

Do you know the potential of your business? Usually, it’s not too difficult to figure out.

When you know the size of your market, and the average amount of revenue you bring in per customer, it’s pretty simple to see just how much money you’re leaving on the table.

What isn’t simple, is figuring out why that money is being left on the table.

Enter call recording.

Call recording helps you identify whether or not there is an obvious flaw in your sales or customer service teams. It will directly show you how customers are interacting with your staff, and will highlight areas where you can improve.

This leads to two huge advantages. First, you can spot problems the second they start. And second, you can create a system around your entire sales and customer service process. A system that is completely optimized, and will close as many prospects as possible into paying customers.

When you get to this point, scaling your business is much easier, as you have clear, tested metrics that will show you exactly how much you can spend on advertising and still be profitable

2. Your Social Media Pages Aren’t Buzzing (Or They Are… With Negativity)

Social media and business are directly tied together now. When people love buying from a business and interacting with the brand, they rant and rave about it on social media.

If they’re unhappy about the way they’ve been treated, they’ll rant about that as well.

A lot of companies are under the impression that a good social presence is about “social media marketing”.

Although a good social media marketing team will definitely improve your social presence, social is all about your company as a whole.

If you’re recording every call your sales and customer service teams are on, you can quickly identify areas where you can provide more value to the customer.

Maybe it’s through more patience and friendliness on the phone. Maybe it’s through giving more discounts or free shipping.

Once you figure out how to create more value to the customer, when you put that into effect company-wide, your customers will notice, and you’ll begin seeing your social media pages improving.

3. You Feel Your Sales Staff Is Under-performing

A low-performing employee can cost you serious revenue. Without call recording, you won’t be able to identify who these low-performing employees are, and exactly why they’re low-performing.

When you can listen to their calls, you’ll be able to instantly pinpoint why they aren’t making sales, or getting complaints.

You can then directly address that issue with them, and give them additional training.

On the flip side, if you’re not recording calls, it’s difficult to find out exactly why a top-performing employee is top-performing.

When you do record calls, you can instantly identify why your best salespeople/employees are performing so well, and implement their habits into your training programs.

This brings up the skills of your entire team, and pushes the outliers to further improve their performance.

4. You Don’t Know What Your Customers Want

When customers are talking to your sales or customer care team, I guarantee there are times they ask if you offer a product or service which you currently don’t.

Through call recording, you can identify products or services that customers are continually asking about.

You can then add these products and services to the back-end, and create brand new lucrative revenue streams for your business.

When a customer buys from you, if they have a positive experience with you, they’ll want to buy from you again.

And, in many cases, they’ll prefer to buy from you for related products and services as well.

For example, if you do carpet cleaning, and do a fantastic job, customers will enjoy ordering from you. These same customers may also need their driveways power-washed, and would prefer to get it done by you, because they know they can trust you.

If you aren’t recording calls, to find out what your customers want in addition to what they’re already buying, you’re doing them a big disservice, and leaving a ton of revenue on the table.

5. You’re Leaking Revenue And You Don’t Know Why

If you’re not recording every sales and customer service call right now, you have a revenue leak.

Call recording gives you so much usable data, that you can instantly pinpoint WHY a sales method isn’t working, and how to fix it.

With call recording, you find issues and leaks fast, so you can fix them, and significantly boost your revenue.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways that call recording can help you take your business to the next level.

By gathering as much data as you possibly can in your business, you’ll know how to grow profits, and build a better business.

When it comes to gathering data, call recording is an invaluable asset you can’t afford to not use.

Last Updated on November 9, 2020