10 reasons why your school needs call recording.

10 reasons why your school needs call recording.
Last Updated on April 8, 2024

Every good school understands the importance of maintaining an open and honest relationship with parents while maintaining focus on what is best for their students. A positive relationship between parents and teachers is essential to the student’s educational development and growth. A telephone conversation is a good alternative for parents who lack the time to attend the in-person meetings and acquire information quickly about their child’s progress. It also opens a channel of communication for the student to acquire information from the school. It is in the best interest for parents, teachers, staff, students and the school to record all calls as telephone conversations become more popular in communication for all parties involved.

This article identifies 10 benefits of call recording for schools and why all educational intuitions should take advantage of this powerful tool.

Why get call recording for your school?

Call recording provides efficiency, protects the institution from liability, reduces misunderstandings and produces an environment for staff training. Call recording also provides a variety of benefits to the school, parents and the student.

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10 reasons why your school needs call recording.

Schools, parents and students all benefit from the applications of a powerful call recording software. The benefits are all derived from the features that are built within the system. There are multiple features within the software. The top ten benefits from these features of call recording for any educational institution are:

  1. Sets a benchmark of expectations in communications – The governing board in many educational institutions often lacks visibility in the parent-teacher and staff communications. Effective and transparent communication by the staff and faculty is imperative as the demand for telephone conversations increases. Implementing a call recording program provides the governing board an opportunity to review calls and set a benchmark of best practices for both faculty and staff members to adopt and follow.
  2. Improves staff communications performance – Schools with call center staff make and receive calls from both parents and students. It is important that these interactions are performed well to ensure communication between the school and the parent or student is excellent and any confusion in communication is avoided. If there is confusion or a call turns negative it could lead to a misunderstanding. When these issues occur, call managers may review the recorded call, identify the issue and provide communication training to the staff to avoid the same pitfalls in the future.
  3. Resolves Disputes – Every school will inevitably receive a telephone call from an unhappy parent. In situations where a parent disputes something said in a previous telephone call, the call recording enables schools to review the conversation, quickly resolve the dispute and provide exact evidence of what transpired in the conversation. Reviewing the call recording allows the situation to be rectified. By monitoring the timeline and the history of interactions with the parent, the school can ensure that everything is resolved correctly. This ultimately benefits the student involved. Call recording also helps in other departments such as procurement to resolve disputes with suppliers and ensure the quoted cost reflects the invoices on each order.
  4. Improves admissions – Call recording is particularly useful for post-secondary educational institution admissions improvement. The call recordings can be reviewed when potential students or parents contact the university or college to ask questions. Managers can compile a list of frequently asked questions and provide training to admissions staff. Coaching can also be administered to the admissions staff regarding how to properly handle calls to improve admissions. Learn more about how to improve customer service performance with call recording.
  5. Streamlines staff recruitment process – Prestigious schools that post a job vacancy may be inundated with highly qualified applicants. In person interviews with each applicant may become impractical for all interviewers involved. Call recording may streamline the application process. A Human Resources (HR) representative may conduct the interview over the phone and record the conversation. The call recording may be sent to the stakeholders involved in the process to determine if the applicant may move forward in the process. This approach saves time and allows the most qualified candidate to move forward in the hiring process.
  6. Improves parent teacher meetings – Parents that are unable to attend in person parent teacher meetings may rely on telephone conversations. Phone calls will not be able to replace an in-person parent teacher meeting, however; they do provide an opportunity for the teacher to communicate with the parent about the status of their child. Listening to call recordings may also allow less experienced teachers to improve their communication skills with parents through coaching. They can listen and learn how to handle one-on-one conversations with parents. Calls can be anonymous or transcribed for privacy.
  7. Improves communications – When schools implement call recording and begin monitoring more and more calls, they will see a pattern emerge in frequently asked questions. The staff has the ability to compile these questions and post the questions and answers in various platforms such as the website, Short Message/Messaging Service (SMS) text, automated call messaging or traditional mailers.
  8. Improves safety and security – Incidences may occur at any campus at any time. Call recording protects students, parents, faculty and staff. At the moment the incident occurs, the individual may call campus security to report it. This is the best time to record the call because the incident is fresh in their mind and they may provide greater detail. The call recording may be reviewed as necessary to resolve the incident or forward the call recording to the proper authorities for further investigation.
  9. Reduces Absenteeism – Call recording software provides an effective system to track student absences. When a parent or guardian contacts the school to report their child’s absence, the call can be saved and the absence may be recorded with a time and date stamp. This enables to school to track legitimate absences and compare them to truancies as the student is attending that school.
  10. Helps protect staff and faculty from verbal and mental abuse – Informing the caller that the conversation will be recorded changes attitudes. The caller may be a parent, student or anyone else and they typically become more receptive and kinder when they know the conversation is recorded.

How to implement Call Recording in your school?

Versadial Solutions offers call recording solutions ideal for any school or educational institution. Recordings can be saved and archived for any duration and may be easily retrieved as needed in the future. It provides faculty and staff with protection against verbal and mental abuse resulting in better performance that leads to the benefit of the student. Call recording also provides an opportunity for staff training to improve communications and admissions.

If you think your school would benefit from call recording, contact us for a solution that meets the requirements of your institution.

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Last Updated on April 8, 2024