Benefits of Call Recording Software

Benefits Of Call Recording Software

There are many reasons you may be needing a call recording service. Internal policies may have changed within the company, government regulations may be in effect, or you may be looking to increase the bottom line. Versadial’s call recording systems and software are designed to help you quickly and easily start to record your phone calls.

4 Benefits of Call Recording

Need to maintain PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance requires all companies recording phone conversations to handle credit card details with the utmost security. Versadial recording products provide technology features that help Versadial customers maintain PCI compliance.

Technology features for PCI compliance include, but not limited to:

  • Ability to stop recording during exchange of sensitive information
  • Ability to pause/silence recording during exchange of sensitive information
  • Ability to erase part of the recording which contain sensitive information
  • Ability to mark recordings as sensitive and render them “unqueriable”

Feel free to ask a sales specialist at Versadial for more detailed information on PCI Compliance

Need to Reduce Your Corporate and Personal Liability?

Every business faces the possibility of lawsuits. Customer disputes usually begin with a miscommunication and end up in a lawsuit when there is no easy way to prove who is right. Corporations and their employees can be liable for these miscommunication, and even when they are able to defend against a lawsuit, the costs of doing so can be tremendous. For this reason, it is important to take a proactive stance with regards to reducing liability. With a Call Recording System in place, you can user the recorded evidence to defuse customer disputes before they escalate into costly lawsuits

Need to Stay Compliant?

With new and old government regulations, compliance has been an important requirement for most business practices. If you are in the financial sector you are most likely required to record all verbal communications. Brokers, Banks, Insurance Companies and other financial institutions are constantly regulated and monitored by private and government entities that enforce the proper handling of personal financial information. Call Recording Systems can help maintain your compliance with these regulatory groups and keep you from being fined or prosecuted.

Reduce Costly Entry Errors/Quality Control

One of the most common and costly problems facing salespeople and customer service agents is mistyping customer or order data. This results in costly errors such as the wrong product or quantity being shipped, or being sent back because an address number was entered incorrectly. The result is not just unnecessary costs, but also lost revenues and decreased customer loyalty. If a Call Recording System is put in place this information is automatically captured and saved for later review, no important details are lost or forgotten.

Sales Training

Supervisors and managers can randomly sample a number of phone calls made by their agents, providing an easy to use Quality Control test. With our Recording Software system you can grade individual calls, providing training and feedback to your agents. Easily mark successful calls and ineffective calls and export them to be used in group meetings to help train and pin-point strengths and weaknesses. Employees can also listen to their own recordings and learn self improvements by analyzing their successful key points in a conversation and also their weaknesses.

Performance Reviews

Our call recording software allows supervisors and managers to filter and search past as well as current call recordings. They can easily grade and bookmark their sales forces calls, adding notes, as well as easily extracting portions of a phone call. This allows supervisors and managers to provide productive performance reviews with their employee, showing how the employee is doing, as well as helping to improve and guide their employee to obtain a greater quality of success.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With the ability to grade and monitor calls, both current and past recordings, supervisors and managers have more control over the quality of their employees and their interactions with customers. No need to hover over an employee’s desk to see how they are interacting with a customer, you can easily click a button and listen from anywhere in the office. Don’t wait for customer complaints to come in before addressing the problem; by monitoring and listening to your employees conversations you can address situations and disgruntled customers before it gets out of hand.

Our recording software allows snippets of a conversation to be easily extracted and emailed, providing an easy way to use real life scenarios and conversations during sales training and staff meetings. Overall, with a better trained staff and ongoing monitoring, your customer satisfaction will increase and more and more employees will be trained to handle all situations properly and effectively.

Increase Business Security

With a call recording system in place, you can easily reduce inappropriate calls and detect security problems. Monitor trade secrets and conversations amongst fellow employees to help reduce private and restricted information.

You can also monitor employee interaction, to help reduce any inappropriate conversations, be it sexual harassment or use of company time for personal gossip and phone calls.

Reduce Personal Calls on Business’ Time

With a call recording system in place, you can easily reduce personal phone calls being made during business hours. Every year nearly $759 billion ( is wasted on employees using business time to make personal phone calls, internet browsing, and errands. With a phone monitoring system, supervisors and managers have the ability to help reduce these personal phone calls and inappropriate conversations.

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