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Compatible with VoIP, PRI, T1, Analog, Digital, Radio (RoIP), Hosted Providers*, and SIP Trunks

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Why Call Recording:

Not just for call centers – call recording can be used in a variety of industries and uses. Test drive our software and learn how easy it is to improve customer satisfaction, train your employees, and reduce your overall liability.


Reduce your corporate and personal liability

Every business faces the possibility of a lawsuit. Versadial’s call monitoring software is used primarily to provide liability protection that is easy to use and within the budget of any business.

Increase customer and employee satisfaction

Staff who deal with customers over the phone can be easily trained by using more targeted and relevant real life call situations with a call recorder.

Increase employee performance levels with call recording

Easily train and run performance reviews

Supervisors can schedule performance reviews as often as they like, then listen to a set of calls for each employee and quickly grade them based upon their own custom tests.

Reduce costly errors and misunderstandings

Our call recording software automatically captures all call data, no important details are lost or forgotten. Employees can easily check their own work, freeing up supervisors for more demanding tasks.

Customer Testimonials

It is well worth the money to have a service contract – The Versadial system works great, and hardly ever needs attention. The only disadvantage of this is that you forget how to navigate around the menus since you never…

Excellent software and I am highly recommend to any company that need to record their phone lines. Versadial Call Recording is working perfectly and user friendly too. I was worried for the first time set up because I know nothing…

Kenny S. Meas Network Technology Analyst Chaffey College - Rancho Cucamonga

I have been using their call recording software for 25 users here at Dahmer Powertrain for two years now. The product and interface are outstanding. It has proven to be invaluable. If you ever do need support, Adam is amazing.…

I wanted to let you know about the excellent customer service & support I received from Micah Clarke. We updated the Versadial & Adutante software on our call recorder, deciding to do it ourselves, but just had one or two…

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* Hosted Providers: Versadial can record most hosted providers as long as the provider does not encrypt their calls in a proprietary format.